Thu, 18 Jul, 2024

Music Club Grooves the Audience with Raw Rhythms 5

By Moon Shrestha

Photo: DWIT Music Club
On 29th June, Music club organized "Raw Rhythms 5 - the unplugged session" at Sagarmatha Hall. The event started at five in the evening with a beautiful mild intro, "Opeth Song" performed by Bishal Timalsina, the president of Music Club. It was a successful event as more than 50 tickets worth Rs. 50 were sold. People from DWIT, Deerwalk Services, and Deerwalk Sifal School marked their presence in the musical evening. After a soothing performance from Bishal Timalsina, the crowd was energized by Pallavi Ghimire of Class of 2020 with her overwhelming performance on 'Radioactive' by Imagine Dragons. The excitement in the crowd could not be missed. Likewise, the event was followed by a passionate performance by Alon Shrestha of Class of 2020 on the popular song 'Nischal' by Albatross.  The event then continued with great performances by Tejas Pant on 'Timro Maya' by Cobweb, Anmol Shrestha on 'Maya' by Full Circle and an original composed by himself, Kinar Dahal on 'High and Dry' by Radiohead and Bishal Timalsina on 'TNT' by AC/DC.  There was a surprise performance from the guitar teacher of Deerwalk Sifal School who successfully charmed the audience with his enchanting melody on guitar. Sweet Child O' Mine performed by Pallavi Ghimire and the last performance by Alon Shrestha on 'Tmi nai hau' by Sabin Rai were the performances that mesmerized the audience the most. RAW RHYTHMS 5 successfully ended at 6:30 in the evening with 12 performances. It was a memorable musical event that touched the hearts of the audience. Each performance was unique and equally entertaining. Everyone enjoyed the event performed by young musicians, filled with raw talent, and passion for music.