Thu, 22 Feb, 2024

So Much of Distress in Just 24 Hours!

By Ruby Shrestha

People say that Friday, the 13th, is an unlucky day. This year, it certainly did prove to be unlucky. Different parts of the world suffered losses of lives during this day; many heartbeats stopped in a single day. How mournful!

Four places of the world suffered immense pain on Friday; however, the entire world is with them at present.

France, Paris (the city of love, lights and fashion) suffered from the inhumane slashes of terrorism. More than 150 innocent souls stopped their breath last Friday. Rockers, who were there to enjoy metal music in Bataclan, were changed into scared hostages; sports lovers in Stade de France too had to bear dreadful terrorist attack. However now, the citizens of Paris have stood out; they are all standing united, holding hands and that is just what they should do to fight back. Infact, there is Strength in Unity.

Baghdad too suffered a doleful fate that day. Baghdad endured Funeral Bombing. A day before, on Thurday, Beirut (Lebanon) had suffered a similar fate due to two suicide bombers. Why do people not understand that Suicide Bombing is stupid? They do not die alone; they take other souls, who have dreams yet to be fulfilled, tasks of life yet to be completed, with them for no good reason!

The world has been suffering from terrorism for a long time now. Syria, Pakistan, Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq and Nigeria are the most terrorist affected nations of 2015 as per wiki. Those countries have been in pain for very long. There have been deaths of many innocent souls and the sad part is, many deaths have gone unnoticed, intentionally or unintentionally. Terrorism continues in those places. Moreover now, the recent incidents show that it has spreaded to other parts of the world too.

It is clear that some citizens of the world have really lost their senses. They ought to be brought back into right senses as soon as is possible. World organizations for peace and prosperity such as Global Alliance for Peace and Prosperity, Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity (DMPP), United Nations (UN) should Unite  and give a powerful message to those who are into making this world a hell with their psychotic acts. Why not stay happy together, why Terrorism?

Furthermore, those who act against terrorism should also understand that they should use decent and right means to work against terrorists because fighting back against terrorists using wrong, inhumane means is also terrorism.

Putting Terrorism aside for a while now, let’s get our sight on Mother Nature. Mother Nature is not happy with us this year and it has been showing it to us time and again. Mexico and Japan had to bear the consequences of Earthquake on Friday, like we had faced on April 20th of this year.

Previously this year, our country and many other nations such as India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and others had suffered from a whip of Mother Nature. So, we very well know the pain. Hence, the world should help those in need. The earthquake victims expect help and they should be helped with all our hearts.

So much of distress in just 24 hours; let us all take some time out and pray for the deceased souls. Also, simply praying is not enough; help as much as you can!