Sat, 20 Apr, 2024

Movie Review : X-Men : Days of Future Past

By Shreha Regmi

Do you happen to be a huge X-Men fan? Good news! A new movie has been released, which brings out the past and the future characters of the X-Men together with action packed battle sequences where the mutants are fighting for their survival. After the X-Men: First Class, Director Bryan Singer, himself, time travels into the past reuniting the stars of the First Class and The X-Men trilogy. The latest and probably the biggest threat to the mutants, the robots, known as sentinels, can adapt to any X-Man and use his power against him. Loved it! Hats off to Singer. First of all let’s talk about Wolverine (Hugh Jackman). Jackman, like always, doesn’t disappoint. There is no other Logan or Wolverine. The future is in danger, Professor X and Magneto reunite to save the mutant kind from annihilation. To change the future, Wolverine is sent back to alter the past. Hats off to James McAvoy for playing a drunkard and drugged Charles Xavier, who after 10 seconds of reminiscing his time with Raven, decides to help the future Professor X. Jennifer Lawrence, as Raven, has no emotions but as Mystique, she is a different person and blows your mind. Michael Fassbender, whom we know as Magneto, is always the villain. He always has to go against Xavier and do things his way. And talking about Peter Dinklage, well I think he fits better as a Lannister in Game of Thrones. Dr. Boliver Trask doesn’t have much of a WOW role in the film. He is the one making the sentinels and using them against the mutants. But wait, that’s not all. There are twists and turns, and what’s coming next just isn’t predictable. You never know how Charles decides to help Logan or what happens in the future. Then there is Quicksilver who brings out some funny moments and makes you laugh for a while. He is an unforgettable character. But if you’re a fan of the trilogy characters, then you may get disappointed by Storm because she doesn’t get much screen time. We only get a brief glimpse of her powers. If you’re an X-Men fan, then this movie will surely leave you yearning for the next sequel because the past is changed, the future is widely affected and you will get to see all of your favorite characters, even Scott. Let's not ruin the surprise. So just bring out your laptops or turn on your television, and take out two hours of your time because you can never get enough of X-Men. Happy Watching Mutants!!