Wed, 07 Jun, 2023

Movie Review: Patch Adams

By Nikita Gautam

How oftentimes do a man's deeds deliver a potent message to the mass? How often does an unconventional act, that lets people think in a different prospective is appreciated? We, the so called intelligent creatures have created this society, its principles and regulations and so along. But have we glanced upon it or have we made ourselves blind not to find out the change around?  Patch Adams is an inspirational drama based upon someone who conceived of creating change in the system that exists. Sometimes we are not able to understand what we really want to accomplish in life. So does Patch and he admits himself to the mental hospital. He then discovers what he really wants to do with his life, and that's serving people. In spite of his comparatively older age he gets admitted to the medical school and then the real fun of the movie begins. His roommate is a bookish guy who questions Patch at their very first meeting that is he really crazy to get into medical school at his age. But Patch and his kind heart win everyone's attention at last. Students are not allowed to visit patients in the hospital until they are a third year student. But Patch, violates this rule, as he thinks that only medicine isn't the cure; play, laughter, compassion, happiness, joy, and love heals more than anything out in this world. If a doctor is capable to intellectually identifying the feelings, thoughts that patients behold, and creatively treat them as their friends, it can become greatest cure on earth. We can treat disease very well, but patients can be treated only when your souls connects to theirs. Robin Williams as Patch Adams has played an outstanding role in this movie. He has played a character that resembles much like him. In the movie, Patch, makes friends, loses his love, and plans to serve people by giving free medical assistance and so on. This movie will certainly shed tears in your eyes. There is so much to learn, so much to put into action from what we learn. His friends and his lovable patients from the hospital support Patch, at last when the board of directors are about to not grant him with the medical certificate and file a case against his "Excessive Happiness". We all know that good deeds pay off well at last; Patch along with his academic success, then changes the whole thing. When we know what we want to do with our lives, we succeed. Many people will not get impressed or amused on the way, but that passion inside you will drive you to your destination. Life isn't a game of winning or losing, if you persuade with what you really are then you will be winner for yourself. Tragedy will come along but hope will keep you alive, to get what you really desire and deserve. I really recommend everyone to watch the movie and get the most out of it. :)