Fri, 24 May, 2024

Movie Review: Logan

By Shreya Sapkota

Photo: Fox Movies
Logan was one of the most awaited films for every action movie fanatic. The buzz of the movie was so intense that even the people who hadn’t watched a single movie from the X-Men franchise were caught in it. With so much of anticipation, the movie was certainly not up-to-the-mark. The movie being the grimmest movie of the X-men franchise contained plenty of scenes and flaws that deserved criticism. Wolverine has always been pictured as an enigma with brooding face and a unique hairstyle who doesn’t age and has great healing powers. Suddenly coming to terms with a Wolverine with grayed hair and a limp to his walk and that too without a backstory was quite confusing and unacceptable. On top of that, the previous movie of the franchise X-men: The Days of Future Past and the time-jump made the movie more complex. There were many loopholes as there was a lot of uncertainty to what happened in the future as the past had been changed. The audience were also in utter surprise to find Professor Charles Xavier alive and the unclear reference to what he did was very unsettling and intolerable. Not to mention the excessive violence and swearing as compared to the other movies in the series was not what people expected. And what’s, even more, mood dampening as well as emotional is that with this movie the story of Wolverine comes to an end. However, the introduction and portrayal of Laura, possibly the next generation Wolverine, and all the other children in the movies was certainly something that lifted the spirits of the audience. It did make it a little better to say goodbye to the original X-men with the hope of getting to know more about the new X-men, their story, and powers. Another interesting factor to this movie was the resemblance of Laura to Logan and her uniqueness and the darker and more emotional part of Logan which was never seen before. So, is the movie worth watching? Anyone following the X-men franchise should undoubtedly watch it. It not only marks the end of an era of the original X-men but also helps us perceive the new and emotional side of Wolverine. Adding to that, it would be a shame not to watch Wolverine in action for one last time.