Sat, 20 Apr, 2024

Movie Review: Focus (2015)

By Asmita Bista

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Focus is a 2015 romantic comedy movie. It is written and directed by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa. It stars Margot Robbie as Jess Barrett and Will Smith as Nicky Spurgeon.

Jess, a grifter who is not very experienced, tries to con Nicky Spurgeon by trying to seduce him and pretending as if they are caught by her husband. However, Nicky is a con-man and sees through their plan. He suggests them to remain focused while robbing. They again meet after a few days. There, Nicky teaches her about being focused. They talk about Nicky’s father who shot his grandfather when their con went wrong. Jess requests him to teach his ways, to her. Nicky finally agrees.

Jess then picks pockets to show her talent and further becomes a part of Nicky’s crew. They soon develop romantic relationship. At America Championship Game, they con a gambler out of his money. After that, Jess is given her share and is left heartbroken.

Three years later, Nicky is shown working for Garriga, a billionaire motorsport team owner. Jess is shown as Garriga’s girlfriend. Nicky works as a technician in Garriga’s team. He sells components to other teams. After, Nicky has his fight with Garriga in a party, he is offered to work with McEwen, a competitor of Garriga.

Nicky and Jess again built their relationship. But then Owens, Garriga’s man, finds them out. When both of them are about to return to US, they are caught by Garriga’s men. When Garriga threatens Nicky to take the life of Jess, Nicky gives an explanation of how he used Jess for coning Garriga. Jess is too revealing that she was trying to seduce Garriga just to steal his watch. Then, Owens shoots Nicky in a chest. After, Garriga leaves, Owens reveals himself as Nicky’s father. He then tapes up Nicky’s wound and throws excessive blood to let him breathe.  They all go to the hospital to treat Nicky. At the end, Jess reveals that she had already taken Garriga’s watch before he had left.