Tue, 18 Jun, 2024

Movie Club Screens 'Non Stop'

By Nikita Gautam

On June 6, the Documentary/Movie Club screened the movie ‘Non Stop’ in the Nupse Hall of DWIT. The club screens movies and documentary shows on a weekly basis. This week, 23 students attended the movie show. The audience comprised a large number of students from the Batch of 2016 and some from Batch of 2017. As per the club’s tradition, this week’s selection was based on a poll conducted by the Documentary/Movie Club on Wednesday. This week’s genre was Action; the poll consisted of 4 movies: ‘Non Stop’, ‘Flight Plan′, ‘United 93’ and ‘Flight’. Out of these four movies, ‘Non Stop’ received the maximum number of votes (16) and was selected for screening. The movie started at 5:00p.m. and ended at 7:02 p.m. Audiences were happy with the movie selection this time as the movie lived up to their expectations. The movie kept everyone at the edge of their seats. One of the audiences said, "Well, I was utterly thrilled watching the film. Such an environment within the college premises makes it even livelier to watch. Hoping to enjoy many more in near future as well." Another member watching the movie exclaimed with joy, "I was seeing the audience clap after the movie ended. Every one of them was pleased to watch while excitement overflowed the environment." Almost everyone was there congratulating themselves for being a part of such an institution where not only codes and stats are taught but an environment of fun is also fostered. Audiences were provided with complimentary popcorn and refreshment drinks. The president of the Documentary/Movie Club said, "We will be looking forward to organize such events with better and even bigger management in the upcoming days."