Sat, 20 Apr, 2024

Movie Club Screens 'Insidious'

By Ashmita Kunwar

On May 23, the Documentary/Movie Club screened horror movie 'Insidious' in the Nupse Hall of DWIT. This club put on movie and documentary shows on a weekly basis. This week 24 students attended the movie show. The audience comprised a large number of students from the Batch of 2016. As per the club’s tradition, this week's selection was based on a poll conducted by the Documentary/Movie Club on Wednesday. This week's genre was Horror/Thriller; the poll consisted of 4 movies: 'Evil Dead (2013)', 'Insidious Chapter 1', 'The Conjuring' and 'Mama'. Out of these four movies, 'Insidious Chapter 1' received the maximum number of votes (11) and was selected for the screening. In the film, a couple (Josh and Renai) moves into a new house with their family. Their son, Dalton always has weird dreams and lapses into deep sleep and reflects his dreams in his drawings. Gradually, they find evil spirits wanting to take their son. Then these characters deal with the evil spirits with the help of an exorcist. Audiences seemed pretty satisfied with the movie. A loud scream could be heard at times. They exclaimed that the movie was frightening as expected. The horrifying pitch dark setting of the hall and an intense sound work made the movie quite terrifying and enjoyable. The movie ended at 7:10 p.m. One of the audience members claimed, “It is really fun to watch a movie in the college as in the theatres. I really hope that The Movie Club will come up with these kinds of nice movies in the future.” President of The Movie Club, Bimal Gaire said, “The Movie/Documentary Club will be looking forward to overcome the flaws in the future and we will try our best to make this show fruitful for everybody.”