Sat, 02 Dec, 2023

Movie Club screens 'Father of Invention'

By Bimal Gaire

On May 9th, 2014, a movie named 'Father of Invention' was screened in the Nupse hall of DWIT by the Movie/Documentary Club. The club screens documentaries on Thursdays and movies on Fridays. The Friday’s show generally aims for recreation and fun. The screening took place after an interval of three weeks. Only 19 students were present for the show since the students of the class 2017 are taking their Board exams and could not be present. The selection was based on a poll conducted by the Movie/Documentary Club on Wednesday. The poll consisted of four movies, 'Mama' (2013), 'Wreck it Ralph' (2013), 'Father of Invention' (2010), and 'Gravity' (2013). Out of these four, 'Father of Invention' got the maximum number of votes and was ultimately selected for screening. Despite the high expectations of the audience members, the movie proved to be disappointing. One of the audience members commented, “The story lineup was very weak and it had a very few things to offer. At times, I got really bored.” Despite the respite provided by the popcorn break, only 11 people remained until the end of the screening. One of the organizers said, “There are always some hits and misses while conducting an event, but you have to be responsible enough not to repeat those mistakes. We will learn from this and try not to upset the audience in the future.”