Mon, 11 Dec, 2023

The Monologue-ish Article

By Prakriti Shree Tuladhar

It’s nice to know you’re reading this. Of course I don’t know you. And actually I don’t even know if you are, in fact if anyone is, reading this. But it seemed like a good way to start what I have aptly titled ‘The Monologue-ish Article’. To be honest, I was supposed to write a monologue and I had a fair idea what it was supposed to be and had a general idea about what this article was going to be like. Then, I googled-“monologue”. After reading a single monologue, I heard the shattering of glass in the background and a slow melody began to play in my ears. Needless to say, that little paragraph was so good that whatever I can come up with now falls way short to what I know can be written. That doesn’t mean I will not write a monologue. It just means I will not write a monologue now, making this article a kind of a monologue but not exactly a monologue. Am I making sense? Or is this part going to be edited? This article has to go through 3 editors. Wait, I don’t even know that. What do I do in club meetings? Hmm..I remember pulling grass in the garden. Focus. Hmm…I remember a butterfly that was distracting a friend in the garden, butterfly, butter –fly, butter-cup…Powerpuff girls!

Powerpuffs save the day... Fighting crimes; trying to save the world; Na na na na na na.. The power puff girls!


Darn! It’s sounding like an actual monologue. So a monologue is a speech delivered by one person, or a long one-sided conversation that makes you want to pull your hair out from boredom. (reference: Why am I doing a monologue again? Wait, I am not writing a monologue. I just wrote that I will not be doing a monologue. It won’t be fair to write that I will not write a monologue when I am actually writing one. But because I am not writing what is exactly what a monologue should be, I think it’s all good. Since the starting was...I don’t know what it was. (Just fill in any word…hmm.. eccentric, weird, offbeat, unconventional, quirky, outlandish. Never mind, I got it.) Since the starting was zany, the end should be as zany as well. I think I’ll stop now . ;)