Wed, 07 Jun, 2023

Is Money Your Conclusive Goal?

By Ashmita Kunwar

Photo Courtesy “Can money buy happiness?”, “Is money happiness?” these are the questions that are most popular to any age group of people. This is a scandalous and the vast topic to discuss, as every one of us does have our own perceptive. At the first glance, it gives the impression that money is happiness and also, we see people with more income look happier than people with less income. But as we think about it more genuinely and dig deeper, the reality is something else. Yeah! Money is happiness, it is true to some extent, but only to “some extent”, until you have enough money with you but once you have enough of it you will realize that true happiness does not come from the money or property you have. When some people say that real happiness is not achieved through money, this statement does not apply to people who are struggling for money day and night. Many geniuses and researchers have even proved that money is not the ultimate goal and the satisfaction of life but still why people keep running behind money, is it that important? People believe that money will give them what they want in their life, they can buy whatever they want in life, they can go wherever they want to go; this is the general philosophy. People say money is happiness because they see their happiness only in the materialistic things that they can get only with the help of money. This world is getting biased day by day, people are judged on the basis of money they have. For example, when parents find their children, more precisely their daughter having a relationship with someone with low income; they try their best to break their relationship and make her marry someone with more property and money. They do not care about the love they have for each other. People love other people on the basis of money they have. Sometimes, I imagine who might be the one who created the trade of money, who divided people on the basis of money they have as poor and rich? If there was no invention, then the world would be no different than heaven, most wars, discrimination , biases is due to money, everything is directly or indirectly associated with money. It is important for all the people to know the fact that wealth is not only the source of happiness in life. There are many more things that should be taken into the consideration which affect the reality of life. It is fact that people with lot of money get depression and also commit suicide, many people donate their whole property without keeping anything with them why is this? Because they realize that money is not what life wants from them, there are somethings that are more important than money called love and connection that add beauty in our lives. This is one of the strongest points that make people aware of the fact that money is not happiness. In our life we are often told that if we set goals, focus in our dream, and work hard, we will achieve what we want in our life, yes it is true and it is also true that people who set money as the ultimate goal, who think that once they have money everything will be fine are the one to tell that they lost themselves in the process of earning money. When people experience truth on their own, reality will attack them and again they will start to rebuild their life keeping money apart. At first when people do not have money, it has great importance in your life and when you once archive this level, you further do not have to run after it and slowly money will lose its worth. So money is important when you do not have it, once you get it you will never make it your reason to be happy. There is another problem which is, the desire or the need of money is never fulfilled, it will increase every time, there is no full stop, the aim of earning money is never complete , it goes on increasing and make people addicts, selfish and mean. There is a saying that “when you are young, you change your health to change the wealth, but when you are old you chase the wealth for your health”. We should make money to live our life; it is important but should always remember that there are more important things than money which are the real source that add beauty and pleasure to life. Don’t only say money, money and run after it, it is not what you want in your life. Gain the experience, add many beautiful moments to your life which are more important than your money.