Sun, 26 May, 2024

Monday Morning Blues

By Ashmita Thapa

Oh God, it’s Monday again! Most of us wonder why Friday is so close to Monday and Monday so far from Friday. After a nice, long, relaxing weekend, away from the hectic nature of work, school and life, waking up on Monday can be extremely difficult. In rush to be on time, you’re tripping out of bed to make coffee or tea, realizing that you have a class test, assignment submission in ten minutes, tripping into work clothes, gliding through emails on your phone demanding the files. Besides these, all that really hits you is that the weekend is over and you are back to the overwhelming-ness of Mondays. Didn’t you just go through this a week ago? Monday is the first working day of the week which is despised by working people and students worldwide because it comes with the huge baggage of having to work for the next four days. The thought of lumbering it, day-in and day-out, makes me anxious and highly infuriated. Coincidentally and unfortunately, majority of our projects, assignments deadlines, class tests and many more fall on Monday, which makes me loath the day even more.

Why is it so difficult to wake up on Mondays? Well, there are plenty of reasons but here are some facts.  Surveys conducted over the years have concluded that most people are more lethargic on Mondays. A report published in a Britain daily, The Telegraph, stated that on Mondays, people don’t crack their first smile until 11:16 a.m. Other findings of the survey confirmed what managers around the world fear the most is-half of the employees turn up late for work on Mondays, and are only able to put three and a half hours of productive work.

Well, here are few tips that I found how to make Mondays interesting.

First of all let all the pending works be completed on Friday. Friday should be the day to make changes in the routine if necessary because it will reduce the workload of Monday. Be prepared about the tests and complete all your assignments by Friday itself. And don’t forget to have some fun amid the chores on the weekend and don’t get tangled in the workloads. Keep the personal items that you will need during the week by your side so you don’t lose them. This way, on Monday morning, you’re not searching frantically for your lost assignment paper, phone, wallet, or school/work ID. Keep your backpack for school or work ready, keeping all necessary items in it except for those you’ll need over the weekends. Get your clothes and items ready the night before. Yes, it might make you feel a jerk of melancholy to prepare for Monday on Sunday night, but in the morning, you’ll feel better; you’ll feel nice and prepared and fresh for the day, since then, you are practically set to leave for work or school. And don’t forget to adjust the Monday pace to your own pace. When you are adjusting to the routine again on Monday, pace yourself well so that your first day isn’t as stressful as it usually is in case of many people. By being organized already, there is less to run around “finding”. But still at times, it pays to stay in bed on Monday, rather than spending the rest weekdays debugging the Monday codes!