Thu, 29 Feb, 2024

Monday is the brightest shade of yellow

By Surjana Joshi

My sister and I never agreed on the color of Tuesday.  For her Tuesday is green but for me Tuesday is blue. Sunday is red, Monday is the brightest shade of yellow, Wednesday is bright pink, Thursday is grey, Friday is lime green and Saturday is white.  She only associates numbers with color but for me, numbers have both color and personality.  5 is quite atypical, 5 and 4 are the younger brothers of six. Six and seven like each other. Both 8 and 9 hate six as much as they like seven. Now you might think that’s unusual or straight up nonsense but it has always been like that for me. For a long time, I had thought it was the same for everyone but as it turns out not many people feel that way. This condition of mine is called synesthesia. I think this condition helped me a lot in memorizing tables when I was younger and it still does help me to memorize school work to some extent. Research says that most of the people have synesthesia when they are born but for some, it fades away as one grows older. I always knew that the number 3 was navy blue and seeing it with a color other than that specific shade of blue was really frustrating. I think a part of why a lot of people associate numbers with colors is the fact that when we were younger the books we used to read had the numbers printed in color to make the book exciting for the children to read.  That’s where I believe I had the idea of associating colors with numbers or even alphabets. I remember, my sister and I used to watch this cartoon when we were about 5 or 6 where the numbers used to communicate with each other and solved mysteries and maybe that’s the reason why numbers have personalities for me. Some synesthetes can visualize the color of sound/ music, some people can taste the sound of your voice and while it may seem a bit difficult to grasp the idea of synesthesia for people who haven’t experienced it but for synesthetes it is a very natural process. I first came to know about synesthesia when I was watching a YouTube video in tenth grade although I had it pretty much my entire life. I was genuinely happy that I came across that video and was very intrigued to know the many forms of synesthesia. However, my mom was not very pleased when I told her about synesthesia. She said that it was entirely a thing I made up. To this day I don’t think she’s convinced that synesthesia is a real subject matter and not just some joke I made up. I do understand why she is hesitant to believe that it’s real because synesthesia itself is a subjective matter.