Thu, 01 Jun, 2023


By Barsha Dahal

A page from my diary | 2nd August, 2014. Whoever said it, said the truth.We just have to live, and we will face many bizarre incidents that will make us laugh and sometimes even piss us off. Today was a memorable day for me. We, the members of DWIT News Club, went to the Sisha cafe with Menosh, our mentor and our friends. We took a taxi because there were no other vehicles. Chabahil and Gaushala are the busiest areas of the city. There used to be many vehicles moving here and there, but today they were comparatively less in number. And the cause behind it was the visit of the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, to Nepal the next day. More than irritating, it sounds funny to me. Since this morning, people are busy cleaning Kathmandu. The roads that used to be polluted was looking neat and clean. I felt like for one day, I have reached one of the developed and tidy cities. Actually, somewhere in my mind, I was wishing that Modi should visit Nepal time and again. At least my city would look great. I am tired of pollution and traffic! But, I hope the cause behind the cleaning would be something else rather than the visit of any foreign Prime Ministers. Did you seeany Nepalese news shows today? In majority of them, you could only hear about Modi’s visit to Nepal. I was thinking to myself, “Where am I, Nepal or India?” Now I will tell you something more flabbergasting... Monday is our holiday! Wow man! Holidays mostly bring a huge smile on my face. But when I read the mail and came to know about the cause, I was literally shocked. “Modi is coming to Nepal tomorrow. That is why the Nepal government has given two days holiday.” What the hell is this, public holiday for welcoming foreign Prime Minister? Seriously, if I was in power I would never let that happen.Our college, which sometimes ignores public holidays,could not avoid this decision of the government.Respect him because he is our guest, but giving holidays and blocking roads for his welcome is something I didn’t like hearing about. While returning, Bidish dai, Bimal dai, Asmita, Shreha, Avusaan and I reached near the Fun Park looking for a vehicle to go back home, however, we could not get one. We decided to enjoy in the Fun Park for few hours instead. Finally, we made a plan to go home by foot. What could we do? There were few vehicles and they were all packed. Modi is going to come to Nepal tomorrow and today we were compelled to walk for few hours. I was shocked when I saw Modi’s pictures posted on the walls, houses and public areas. He has become our super star just because he has made a single decision to visit our land. It was just in the morning that I heard about a situation of Sindhupalchowk district due to the occurrence of landslide. Massive landslide blocked Sunkoshi river. Many people are already dead and some are nowhere to be found. The government is spending money on cleaning roads just to welcome foreign Prime Minister. I don’t mean that it’s not good to clean our residence before the arrival of guests but what is infuriating me is that the government is not paying as much attention as is required towards the maintenance of such naturally challenged places of Nepal. Instead, currently more of the government’s attention is inclined towards Modi. This is something that I loathe the most. I am not against our government’s preparation for welcoming him but I strongly object the way it is being done.Can anyone tell me, is our government just swaggering or is it a real respect of our country towards him? I want to ask one question to our government or our Prime Minister. Did you get the same respect or prestige when you visited their land? Did they provide public holiday just to welcome you? I’m guessing no. Many Nepalese do not support India due to our conflicted history. Why should we do this drama? If you are going to show the respect then do it from your heart. Respect should come from your heart and touch their soul. It should not be the cause of any ill intention or just for the heck of doing something extravagant. I want to say something to my government. Stop acting weak and be a leader of your own country. It is our country. Nobody can rule us. Give all the facilities to your guest but there is no need to change any systems. Take your own responsibility and be strong! Do not be a follower, be a leader.