Sun, 10 Dec, 2023

How Mobile Applications are Keeping You Healthy and Active

By Bimal Gaire

Mobile applications are on their peak right now. We can call it the golden age for these applications. With the Internet becoming more accessible than ever and the gadgets world getting a big boom everyday, mobile applications are destined to rise even more.

What makes them more popular than any other application platform is the ease of use, simplicity and portability. These are actively connected to the cloud and you can access them from any place and any device you want. The other thing for the increase in their popularity if of course the rise of smart phones, but we can not simply overlook the fact that these applications are targeted to a specific group. Thousands and millions of applications, be it utility applications or games are designed for different age group of people. So you can find applications that are targeted to you.

If you are a student, there are applications for improving your reading and writing skills. You can also find tools to assist you remember things, You can keep track of your activities and calculate your productivity. You can also sharpen your brain by involving yourself in intense brain exercises. Memris is one of the application that helps you in learning new languages. Along with that it offers other courses such as Physics, Chemistry and many more. Brain exercises help you grasp the things more quickly and efficiently. Elevate is an application that mainly focuses on your personal skills like critical thinking, reading and writing skills and memory skills. These applications let you set a weekly goal and help you achieve those.

There are applications for business and accounting. Shoeboxed, Mint, QuickBooks, FreshBooks help you track and maintain your finance. Keeping that in mind Microsoft has also launched its office suite for Android and iOS which offers built in cloud services via its own OneDrive. This will direcly backup your documents in the cloud and you can retrieve them whenever you please.

Most important of all some of the applications help you track your fitness and health. The truth is you don't need a personal trainer or a gym membership if you wan to stay on top of your activities. And you don't even need a wearable gadgets too. These applications make you familiar with your diet, the amount of calories you consume and your everyday eating habit. Some of the applications go a little further and track your fitness by counting the steps you have walked, distance covered and the calories burnt during the day. By giving you a target these application make you achieve your goal and ultimately keep you in good shape. Some of the applications like Calorie Counter contain the calorie count of about a million food items. This can certainly help you track the calories you consume and makes you more conscious about the food you eat.

Up by Jawbone is a great app that keeps track of your daily workout. It collects data from your daily activities and even learns from the data it collects. It notifies you about your progress and gives a thumbs up if you surpass your goals. You can even challenge your fiends to compete in running and other activities. FitBit, Google Fit , Samsung's S Health are some of the other apps that help you in maintaining your fitness.

So these kind of applications are helping you become more active and sharp. With your everyday goals these apps push you to achieve your ultimate goal of becoming healthy. So we can see a clear trend of where the mobile application world is headed to. Everyday there is something new with new ideas and innovations. And these innovations are helping us to manage our daily activities in order to become more organized.