Tue, 30 May, 2023

My Mistake Was That I Trusted Him

By Asmita Bista

Picture Courtesy: Munmun Shrestha

I am tired of all these. What was my mistake, to love him? I never knew I had to suffer all these just because I loved him more than my family.

“Hey sexy! Had fun?”

I really hate his voice. What fun is he talking about? How dare he talk to me like that?

I hate myself for trusting him. I never thought he would be such an animal to sell me.

I was happy a few months ago. I used to have my own life and freedom.

I first saw him in our shop. He bought some cigarettes and smiled at me. He was very handsome and his beautiful eyes took my heart at the very first glance. He stayed in our lodge. He used to find every possible way to talk to me. I was happy that he loved me. He left after 2 weeks and promised me to be back after a few days. Those days were really hard for me. I missed him badly. I had never gotten that much of attention from any boy and even nobody yet had told me that I was beautiful.

He came back after a week. I was very happy. He asked me if I would like to marry him. I wanted to, but was afraid that my family won’t allow. He convinced me to elope. Trusting him to the fullest, I got ready the next morning. We took a bus to Biratnagar. I had never gone out of Jhapa before. It was fun being around him. We got married in a temple there. After staying for 2 days there, he said that we were going to India for our honeymoon. I was very excited.

Travelling in a train for around 28 hours, we reached Delhi. It was around 1 AM. He took me to a hotel. Next morning when I woke up, I did not see him. After some time, a woman entered the room and asked me to become ready. I was surprised. I even didn’t know the lady and she was ordering me to get ready and for what? I had no idea.

A person came in the room after 5 minutes. I screamed, cried and did all possible things I could do. That person left me hurt. I could feel pain all over my body. Nobody heard me. Not even my so called husband. He had already gone. He left me in the hell.

It has now been six months. He came here again with his another newly married wife. The same cycle has been repeated again.

It was very hard for me to understand the fact that I was sold by my own husband whom I trusted the most. I am just 20 years old. I want to live my life. I am not able to all because I fell in love with such a monster. I am just waiting for the day to get out of this hell and kill that monster so that none of the other girls will be victim of his sweet behavior.