Sat, 20 Apr, 2024

Little Miss Sunshine : Movie Review

By Ashmita Kunwar

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The movie “Little Miss Sunshine” reflects the eventful journey to the beauty contest “Little Miss Sunshine”. This movie tells the story of a dysfunctional family with different dreams, philosophies and lifestyles. The movie is a combination of comedy and drama.

The movie starts with dad Richard giving lectures about his nine steps that lead to being a winner. In the whole movie he talks about his own philosophy about being a winner and not the loser. Richard is the arrogant, goal-obsessed man and wants his children to follow his philosophy, even though he, himself has not been able to. His family consists of his drug addict rude old father, wife Sheryl, an unhappy son Dwayne from his wife’s previous husband who has taken the vow of silence to achieve his dream to be a fighter pilot, his gay brother-in-law Frank who tried killing himself because of his unsuccessful life and little, charming heroine of this movie, Olive.

“There are only two types of people in the world; winners and losers”, says dad Richard frequently to everyone. Olive and her brother Dwayne act as their father want them because dad wants them to be winners. Olive wants to participate in beauty contests and she gets the chance by qualifying for “Little Miss Sunshine” beauty contest. The dysfunctional family plans a road trip of 800 miles to support and give strength to her in their Volkswagen T2 micro bus.

The whole journey is full of ups and downs; Richard misses his contract, leaving him potentially broke. Then grandpa dies due to apparent heroin overdose. Olive’s brother who has taken the vow of silence finds out that he is colorblind, a barrier that will never let him fulfill his dream. Nevertheless, the family makes it to the beauty contest. And what unravels next touches resonates with each viewer and leaves your heart with a little tinge of love and an appreciation of family, no matter of how dysfunctional.

The movie is difficult to judge at some point, I could not understand what exactly the writer and the director want to convey from the movie. Sometime dad Richard just talks about being winner in life with arrogant feeling while Grandpa suggests his grandson to do unnecessary things (to use many women in life, not only one). Yeah, but the last part is truly awesome; Olive performing in the stage and her family supporting by dancing along with her in the stage. Richard reacts positively even when Olive doesn't win the contest and he is proud and happy for her. This movie is definitely a must watch. Come on Guys!! Give it a try! :) :)