Sun, 03 Dec, 2023

My Mind – My Perspective!

By Sushim Poudyal

My mind is one of the awesome instruments, among others, that I use to create my reality.  Mind fabricates its own perception of 'reality’ out there! Perception, though useful and inevitable in our lives, is not the reality. Perception of anything occurs through five senses and the mind. Reality, i.e. the essential Being – whatever That is – lies beyond our senses and the mind. That is imperceptible yet undeniably present and aware-always! Let’s go a little deeper, shall we? Whatever mechanisms mind uses to construct our dreams that appear so vivid and real while dreaming, it uses the same mechanisms to construct our everyday reality which, by the way, also seems to appear so real, lively, solid, structured and vivid! Dreams prove to be fleeting and unreal only upon waking up. Qualitatively speaking, our everyday experiences are also transitory, dream-like and they also do expire. When we alertly recognize or pay attention to the “watcher” of our dream and waking states, radical shift in our Consciousness happens effortlessly…In other words, the Consciousness wakes up, so to speak! Let me give you a simple example. A person wishes to donate his eyes to a blind person when s/he dies. That person died one day. Now, could those “dead eyes” from the dead body see? No! They could not see. Upon her/his death, per her/his death wish, the “dead eyes” were taken out from the corpse. Later on, the same “dead eyes” were trans-planted on a blind person. Now, could the blind person see with the same “dead eyes” that had been trans-planted? You got it right! Now, my question is: Who or what is looking thru the instruments of the eyes in You? Mind is an amazingly magical tool to sculpt or a highly versatile creative brush to paint a lively world on a canvas of Consciousness. I, i.e. Consciousness, am just aware of the superb sculpture or a vibrant painting – the world at large. Interpretations of perception of reality ‘out there’ by differently evolved, trained, educated, cultured and conditioned minds are bound to be different, contradictory, ambiguous and contentious. Whatever the interpretations or perspectives, however, the unchanging presence of Consciousness is always aware humbly and indifferently. Remember: This is only a description, not the actual, not the described. Just like the word “water” is not the real, actual water. The word or the description is only a pointer to something that is real. We can take an analogy of a map also. A map points to the territory but the map itself is not the real territory. The map only helps us, guides us to reach the territory – our desired destination. Our powerful mind either veils or reveals the reality depending on the path we put it to work. Mind itself is neutral and bias-free. Having shared some of my thoughts, this is, incidentally, my mind and my perspectives only. Pass the pop corn please! Cheers!