Mon, 11 Dec, 2023

Message to The New Co-Editors in Chief

By Bimal Gaire

Photo courtesy:  Bimal Gaire


First of all a warm welcome to the new post in the team. Since I know you guys from the beginning of this team, there is nothing much to tell about. You both are really hardworking and some of the most creative people that I know, so the club can only go up from here. The success for this club is the sky in my point of view and there is nothing that can stop you in achieving this.

There are a few points that need a bit more attention for smooth functioning of the club. While posting the articles be sure to check the preview before scheduling it. The most important things are the small grammatical errors, duplicate words and error in punctuation. So please look into those things more carefully. Photos tell a lot about the articles so be sure to collect photos of various events in time. If possible send a photographer from within the team so that you won’t have to ask every other person from the photos at the last minute.

We together have done a marvelous job in the past and have been successful to win the best club award so I know that you guys will take this club to a next big feat.


Bimal Gaire