Wed, 07 Jun, 2023

A Memorable Hike

By Shreha Regmi

It was 20th June, Friday I think, the day when we came to know that we were going to Manakamana for a hike. We were very much excited about the hike. I remember, it was me and Sneha who forced Ruby and Ronit to join the hike. We even asked Umang and Bardaan to join, but they couldn’t come with us. We were a group of 6. Ruby, Sneha, Barsha, Asmita, Ronit and Shreha (that’s me hehe). Friday, everyone of us were excited. We discussed to take some snacks, what to wear, and all kinds of stuffs. And Saturday evening, then I get a call from Sneha saying that she and Asmita is going to stay over at Barsha’s. I got upset, they informed me too late, but still I decided to go and got there late at night. We danced, we posed, we were all crazy peoples and we missed Ruby. The next morning, everyone of us got up and then got dressed and ran off to college. We ran to the last seat of the bus and we were acting all wild and crazy. We danced like mad and shouted and everyone in the bus danced, except for Ronit. Ugh, we tried everything to make him dance. But no, all he did was smiled at us and replied “I can’t dance.” We had our breakfast, bread and jam and juice. And then we got off at our destination. We had to walk over three hill, and we could see cable cars going on top of us. When the hike started, Surendra sir divided the students on a group of 8 each. There was Anmol, Aavusan and Asmit who were added to our group. Asmit went along with his friend but Anmol and Aavusan went along with us. Finally, Ronit got two boys with him. Ha-ha. They were like our bodyguards, following us and all. As we were walking, we got thirsty. We realized that we drank all the water and we had no more left with us. We begged Surendra sir for water, and he was kind enough to share one last bottle of water he had with us. Everyone of us was suffering. The weather was really hot. We were exhausted and we were still climbing the first hill. There were two groups who were way ahead of us. Me and Ruby were coming along and Barsha was walking with Mohan dai. Sneha and Asmita were ahead of us. But afterwards, Sneha got too tired and I was ahead of her with Asmita. Sneha, Ruby, Rojina, Neesha, Sharun, Anish, Bikash, Asmit were coming with Surendra sir. I was with Asmita, Barsha, Mohan dai, Anmol, Ronit, Muskan, Sushil, Subash, Shrijak. We even had Chatpate on our way. Well, the boys ordered for it, but we still ate it. After a long walk, we finally reached to the temple. Ah, it was really a long walk, a 5 hour long walk. We waited for others to come, and after everyone arrived we all took snaps and got excited again. Each and everyone of us were cursing ourselves “Why did we come here? Oh what a sin had we committeed for this punishment!”. But after the climb, we were so happy that we shouted and cheered all the way. We then went to a nice hotel and had our lunch. We could no longer walk so we went down in the cable car. It was already late. We played a game of truth and dare, Asmita, Sneha, Barsha, Ronit and me. Ruby was in no state to join us. We laughed, teased each other and reached Kathmandu really late. It was 8:30 when I reached home. The rest of us were late than me. Everyone of us were exhausted. We planned not to go college the next day and missed our class. It was a wonderful experience and we enjoyed. We got even more close and it was Fun-tastic. :D