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Members of Glocal Khabar Share Their Story

By Shila Parajuli

Photo: Glocal Khabar members sharing their story

On 6th August 2015, DWIT students of fourth semester got an opportunity to know about Glocal Khabar during the weekly Deertalk event. At the event there were two Glocal Khabar members, Alina Prajapati (Editor, Glocal Khabar) and Diwas Poudel (IT Manager, Glocal Khabar), who shared their inspirational stories with the DWIT students.

Diwas mentioned that Glocal Khabar comes under one of the many activities that Glocal Pvt. Ltd. does. He mentioned, “Glocal Pvt. Ltd. is involved in many other activities besides Glocal Khabar, some of which are Enhanced Curricular Activities Program, Brand Consultation, CSR Consultation, AD-Agency, Films, Music and TV, Business Tie-Ups, and Web/Application/Software development. “ He emphasized, “Glocal values the tagline Plan, Strategize, Develop.

Alina Prajapati added, “It is run by a team of enthusiastic teens. It is a completely non-profitable organization and was initiated for the development of an individual. Glocal Khabar always welcomes talented and skilled youth and hence helps them improve their self-actualization.”

They briefed that before Glocal Khabar started, there was no such platform that accepted the skills of youth and publicized in the favor of youngsters. So, Glocal Khabar started with an initiative to harness and flourish the skills of such an enthusiastic group.

Within a year, this daily news site has done a great job. It has completed five different projects and has come up with interviews of many personalities. Reporting and coverage and company features are some other tasks they have done to date. The members of DWIT News were inspired by their progress.

[caption id="attachment_7954" align="aligncenter" width="960"]Alina Prajapati sharing positive vibes with DWIT students Alina Prajapati sharing positive vibes with DWIT students[/caption]

The last part of the program was very interesting because Alina Prajapati shared her personal experience about how she had struggled for achieving her passion as a singer. All of the students enjoyed the duet song sung by Alina Prajapati and Barsha Dahal, Vice-President of DeerExpress Club, and by Alina Prajapati and Bipin Poudel, a student of Batch 2017.

The program ended by the Vice-President of DeerExpress Club handing over the token of appreciation to the guests.

[caption id="attachment_7953" align="aligncenter" width="960"]token of appreciation Vice-President of DeerExpress with the guests[/caption] All Photos By: DeerExpress Club