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Media Club Members Share their Experience About their Visit to Kantipur FM Station

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Photo: Four Media Club members who visited the Kantipur FM Station Photo Courtesy: Media Club

On 27th May, 2015 Wednesday, I along with three members of The Media Club went to visit Kantipur FM located at Pulchowk. We were really nervous at first; we didn’t know where the office was located, we didn’t know the RJ who was going to show us around and we didn’t know what we were going to do once we are there.

At 12 noon, we took off from our college premises towards Kantipur FM. We reached there at 12:30. As soon as we got there, we called Mr. Prajwal Khadka, the RJ of Kantipur FM who was going to guide us during our visit. We met him, he was a funny guy, he was very friendly and we didn’t feel awkward to talk to him. He showed us around and introduced us to his co-workers. Everyone in the office treated us nicely. We got to watch the live ON AIR program “K Cha Nepal” that he hosts; he was so confident, I was amazed. I couldn’t even imagine myself in his place hosting a program that was not even recorded but ON AIR. Two hours passed away so easily and his program came to an end and so did our visit. In the end of the program, Prajwal Dai announced name “Sneha Timilsina” and later corrected it. Like he had said earlier, he was bad with names..haha..He was a down to earth and very humble person and answered every question we asked him. My Kantipur FM visit was really exciting and went very well. In the future, I wish to not only visit Kantipur FM but also be a part of ON AIR program with Prajwal Dai.

Sneha Parajuli, President, Media Club 

I was shocked when I saw the mail from Bijaya Kumar Shrestha, our Academic Coordinator, about the "On-Air" program that was supposed to happen. I earlier thought that it was just a visit of getting to know the station better. But after hearing the word “On-Air”, I was pretty nervous. Then we headed to the station with positivity and readiness to speak. We met our station guide, RJ Prajwal Khadka, and he shared lots of interesting facts with us. He was a really confident and humble person and we had a great talk. He showed us the studio, guided us throughout our time there and even told us how it all worked. At 1 o’clock his program started and I was amazed watching him present so effortlessly. We then figured out that we were not actually going “On-Air” which was pretty depressing and relieving at the same time. We lost track of time watching and talking to him but the earthquake helped us regain our senses. The tour ended at about 3 and we clicked photos to keep the memories fresh. The day was well spent and will always be remembered.

Akankshya Upadhaya, Script Writer, Media Club

Having an opportunity to get a tour of Kantipur FM fascinated me. All four of us had no idea what we were going to experience that day but merrily went to the station. Upon reaching the station, we quickly called RJ Prajwal Khadka who was going to be our guide. I thought we would have a hard time communicating with the RJ but he seemed quite nice and had a friendly behavior which helped us interact with him. He showed the whole station to us and did not even hesitate once to share his knowledge. He introduced us to his colleagues and made us feel a bit more comfortable. We watched him go on-air on his program, “K Cha Nepal” which he carried out with ease and full confidence. He was talking with us in between the show and not once did he fumble. We were all grateful to be around such a great person. Making the day even more memorable, we experienced a pretty shaky earthquake. The tour ended after about two hours and we all headed home. It was a great experience and I would definitely go on a second visit if given a chance.

Anushka Maharjan, Script Writer, Media Club 

The day was, 27th May 2015, Wednesday. I was told that we were going to be "ON AIR" the day before and I was really excited and a little nervous, as it would be my very first experience on the radio. This was going to be a huge opportunity to the Media Club and myself, I thought. I missed half of Hitesh Karki, our Academic Officer’s, instruction when I reached  college which was obviously about the things we were supposed to do in the station. He was drawing a map to the Kantipur FM station on the whiteboard while Bijaya Kumar Shrestha, our Academic Coordinator, handed me a flash drive and told me to bring a copy of that day’s program of RJ Prajwal. We departed for the station situation in Pulchowk at around 12 in the noon and reached there at about 12:30. We used the recommendation letter provided by the college as our entrance card to the office and were guided by RJ Prajwal whom we were supposed to meet. Throughout the station, I must say, he coordinated with us in a very good way. After short briefing about the station, he was ON AIR for his daily program "K CHA NEPAL". We were all very impressed with his bold and confident voice on the radio.  During ads, he talked to us and explained about the whole "RADIO" thing. We were very happy to get such a humorous, well experienced and cooperative guy as a guide during our visit. I collected various footage  on the technical work of the radio. At times, he would come out of his "ON AIR Recording Cabinet" and talk about the earthquake and various things with his colleagues.  While we were in studio, there was another shock of the earthquake but we didn't really panic as it was not so intense. Prajwal dai also mentioned about us in the beginning and in the end. It was really funny that he said "three students with name A and Sneha Timilsina" in the end. After his two hour program ended, he mentioned about the working mechanism in the station.  We bid him good bye and gratitude though we were feeling little sad about not getting chance to speak on the radio. In fact, I was so excited that I had uploaded a status on Facebook about being on air and tagged mine fellow members. We felt so stupid and laughed about it at last. However, the visit was really very fruitful and I think we were really lucky to be there. I think we gained some practical knowledge about the radio, frequency and the technical things.

 So, I should say that the visit was really fruitful though, we didn't get chance to speak on air. We really enjoyed being there and came up with a lot of knowledge on radio. I think these kinds of visits really help the students especially those interested in the media field.

Ankit Karki, Video Editor, Media Club