Tue, 23 Jul, 2024

Media Club Comes Up with a New Initiative

By Shila Parajuli

Art By: Nikita Gautam

Media Club, one of the many student clubs at DWIT, creates a news bulletin that is produced currently once a month. Now, with motivation to make its operation more active, it has come up with a new initiative to deliver the news more fluently and smoothly by delivering the news video fortnightly.

The President of Media Club, Sneha Parajuli, mentioned, “Media club is all about showcasing everything that is happening around DWIT with the help of videos. It is about portraying creativity and imagination by the means of video. Now, we are going to use this platform more actively and come up with a news bulletin in every 15 days.”

DWIT News conducted an interview with Media Club member Akankshya Upadhyay regarding some of the changes and challenges that the Media Club is going to undertake with this new initiative.

Why has Media Club decided to publish the news bulletin fortnightly?

The one and only reason we thought of releasing the news video fortnightly is because we wanted to upgrade ourselves. The events that happen at the beginning of the month would be covered in the next release. And by that time, it would no longer be ‘news’. We will be coming up with a weekly bulletin shortly and hopefully with a daily news bulletin someday soon.

What problems may come with releasing the news earlier?

Well, it becomes difficult to manage the same timing for every bulletin as some weeks have plenty of events and some weeks end up without much happening. Sometimes we have a hard time finding a story.

What changes may come in videos in terms of quality and content?

We have good news for all of our viewers. We are having a separate committed studio and a personal webcam from the next time, the setup and the quality of the video will get better by then. I am pretty sure everyone in our audience will like it.

Finally, Media Club member Akanshya Upadhyay concludes that the 15th bulletin will hit the Internet on the 1st of August and we will find many exciting changes. Stay tuned until then!