Wed, 14 Apr, 2021

Mathematical Poem For Grade XI

By Arjun Dahal

Darling, I've plotted some co-ordinates on the graph of my heart, Placing your love on X-axis and in Y-axis my affection, I always tried to come close to you, For this I followed the properties of translation.   When you smile with the slope of happiness, the intercept formed in my mind becomes free from emptiness when I stared you with an 30 degree angle of elevation, my legs got disbalanced and I felled with an 60 degree angle of depression.   my love story was going perfect collinear, my matrix type feeling was really like a fiction, you began to behave me like a false theorem, then only I realized that the vectors of my feelings had gone in opposite direction.   you meet me at origin and passed away from me, after meeting for a short time you fled away, you had not made any ordered pairs, so what could Isay as like a subset for you, you made me stayed.   Now, as we are like parallel lines, that we can never meet, you headed for infinity and had me cheated the perpendicular distance between us I'll never forget Hoping you will intersect, I'm still awaited.

Arjun Dahal is an undergrad student of Physics at Tri-Chandra Campus, Tribhuvan University. His interests lie in Physics, Mathematics, Music, Literature, and Philosophy. His English writings have appeared in Blue Marble Review, Burningword Literary Journal, Yellow Chair Review, and DWIT News. His Nepali poems have appeared in various online news portals and can be found via