Mon, 15 Jul, 2024

Many Title Contenders, But My Support For England

By Sulav Prasain

UEFA EURO 2016 is one of the most awaited football events for the football fans; 51 matches in 10 French host cities from 10 June to 10 July 2016. This time, Euro 2016 has 24 teams in the main event which has given some countries the opportunity to take part in the main event for the first time. Albania, Iceland, Northern Ireland, Slovakia, and Wales qualified for the first time. Their effort for their country was enormous and equally supported by their fans, coaching, and backroom staff.

In this EURO CUP 2016, many nations have emerging and versatile players who are full of creativity and energy. Watching all these players in the field would be such a joyful moment. There are ten teenagers in the UEFA EURO 2016, and there are high expectations from these players and I hope they can give their best just as Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney performed in the previous EURO Cups. Among these players, Marcus Rashford in the English team is the youngest forward. He is only 18 years old.

This Euro Cup is one of the most competitive Euro Cup and there are many potential winners. Among all the title contenders for EURO Cup 2016, I am supporting England. There are many young and talented players in the English squad. Deli Alli, Harry Kane, Raheem Sterling, they have the potential to take the EURO 2016 by storm. Amongst these players, Deli Alli is my favorite player.

Deli Alli plays for Tottenham Hotspurs in the English Premier and had a wonderful season. He is daring and has the temperament to shine on the huge stages like these. His gameplay is fast and smooth and has good awareness on the pitch. He has a good vision and ability to pick up a pass and get in good positions. The best part is his versatility. He can both defend and attack. He can also adapt to any situation in the game and also motivates the team when required.

Although England has such young and potential players, they lack experience on big stages like this. But football is a game where each and every player motivates each other. And, this gap can be fulfilled by the captain Wayne Rooney. He has both experience and leadership quality in big occasions like these. In the qualifying matches for EURO 2016, England was the only team with 10 wins in 10 matches and set a record. This says a lot about England’s potential in their challenge for the EURO Cup.

In the past decades, England hasn’t improved as much as they should have. They played the game beautifully but they have failed to win the matches due to lack of concentration. But in this EURO Cup, I am hoping England will do better than before. But whatever the outcome, England was, is and will be my favorite team. Win or lose, England will always be the team I will support. What really matters is the hard work of the players in the field and not the result.

Although England hasn’t won many European trophies or the World cup, I still support them because I can see the potential in the squad and believe they will rule football in the future. Experience is lacking but the talent isn’t, and talent rides over experience. One of the English player David Robert Joseph Beckham is my idol, and he is the reason why England is my favorite. Though he is retired, I am still a huge fan. I wish the day comes when the English players show the ability like that of David Beckham on this stage in the near future.

“We don’t have the past to say in the present but we do have the present to build the future.”