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Manish Man Singh Shares His Experience With the Students

By Anish Thakuri

Photo: Manish Man Singh sharing his knowledge with the students Photo Courtesy: DeerExpress Club

On 13th August 2015, the Senior Project Manager of Deerwalk Services, Manish Man Singh, shared his experience on Project Management. The talk program was conducted by DeerExpress club in Gandaki Hall which was attended by 6th and 8th semester students of DWIT.

Students enjoyed the whole session with calm and dazzling personality of Singh along with question – answer session. The program went on for almost one and half hour and ended with the practical demonstration in understanding the object of Client.

Singh has completed his school level education from Galaxy Public school. He had a couple of years gap after Plus 2. In 2003 he went to Bangalore, India for his undergraduate study. He did BCA (Bachelor in Computer Application) from CMRIMS. Then he started working as a project manager from the very beginning of his professional carrier. He did MBA while he was working. He has also worked as a Trainer for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 for Technical Support. He had been Tech Lead for Windows Operating System and Team Manager for NetApp Support.  Besides that, he has a passion for Music. He plays saxophone very well. He is interested in sports as well.

Singh began his talk program with brief of WIFM. It means every member in a project must know ‘What’s in it for me’. Every member of a project should understand the values of project and direct their time and effort according to it.  To control scope creep and manage change, Project Management is much needed thing from any individual level to organizational level. In software field, the project can be run through different methodologies. He gave a brief overview of Waterfall methodology, Agile Approach, Six Sigma & Kanhan Technique. He said, “The key responsibility of project manager has to be successfully delivering the objectives and benefits the sponsor expects from the project”. There will always be things that make the project more complicated such as not having the proper understanding between the object proposed by client, when the client doesn’t respond and many others.

The ability of project manager is tasted in such a scenario. Besides that, the project manager should take care of Time Management, Risk Management & more importantly Change Management. The project should be formulated in proper manner with full of communication from higher level to lower. If there is a communication gap, then uncertainty evolves. He said, “There should be motivation among the team member such as picnics, outing and other fun activities”. So the most important task of manager is to delegate a team in proper way. He said that MOM (Minutes of Meeting) is another critical factor in every projects.  Lastly, with the help of four volunteers, he gave a demo of object understanding of project manager proposed by client.