Wed, 07 Jun, 2023

Why Not Make Discouragement a Source of Encouragement?

By Ruby Shrestha

“Jollifying rhythm of encouragement and appreciation rarely knock my life’s door. It is the devilish discouragement and its different forms such as “You’re not fit for it!”, “You’re not worth it!”, “You’re a waste”, “You’re not capable enough!” that make frequent visits to my place. Ugh! Am I really a futile matter worthlessly taking up space on Earth?” says a soul who has been time and again thrashed by the waves of speech which are not motivating enough, or let’s say, rather discouraging or depressing. Have you ever felt the same? If yes, have you taken those words of discouragement as a source of encouragement and challenge or as a subject to mourn about? If you are a pessimist, it is highly likely that you’ll be feeling the same like the soul portrayed in the first paragraph. That is, you’ll slowly incline towards the feel of giving up on your goals and your desires. However, if you are an optimist, I believe, the scenario will be completely different. You’ll probably think, “How dare he throw such words at me? What does he think? Is she challenging me? I am going to prove them wrong!” And in fact, it is good to think like the latter, though it is true that it might be difficult to get our minds to that state. But again, it is not impossible. We can! Sure-enough, everything and everyone has elasticity limit, the upper limit till which one can sustain, beyond which one breaks apart, and it is also a fact that continuous demotivation and discouragement pushes a person’s will to do something beyond that elasticity limit and ruptures it. However, why not try to prove that wrong? Why not try to make the words of discouragement a healthy dose of energy enhancer? If you have passion in doing something, never let go of it, never, just because someone tells you that you’ll not be able to do it. People will keep blabbering; you just need to keep following your dreams by concealing your will, your enthusiasm and your zeal from such people and their negativity. If people tell you that you are a waste and not capable enough to do something, ask them WHY? Most of such discouraging people will go speechless with such question while some might knit up some stupid reply. However, if somehow you think that their reply is satisfying enough, just take it up. Keep hold of their words and work towards correcting your flaws, if you have any, since it will eventually help you to show the person comparing you with waste your real strength, your heroic capacity. No one in the universe is incapable to do anything. It just takes hard work, determination, persistence and passion to adorn our work of interest. People who cast negative remarks and words of discouragement are our indirect source of encouragement. They think that they are pulling us down. Wrong! They are in fact pushing us to attain our goal and they’re unbeknownst to it. Their loss! Candidly speaking, I too find it really difficult to tackle discouragement. Maybe, it is because I am not a firm optimist. Throughout the time of writing this article, indirectly, I have been trying to motivate myself, fill positive energy within myself and brush off every bit of negativity running in my veins. Obviously, there will be a lot of unwanted guests coming in our life and telling us that we are not worth something. We know what we need to do during such times, right? We shouldn’t take their words at heart! We just need to get ourselves up and ready to work towards proving them wrong. We know our real worth, we know we can, we know we will. We just need to focus on our goals instead of mourning upon their discouraging banter!