Tue, 23 Jul, 2024

Major Problems Of Kathmandu

By Raju Shrestha

Let us hear what local residents of Kathmandu valley have to say about the major problem/s they have been facing. What is one of the main problem that you have faced or seen in Kathmandu? We all know that the population density in Kathmandu is increasing day by day. All the people want to live here but with the increasing population, Kathmandu city has gotten polluted due to which global warming has increased. It has altered the climatic condition and the temperature has increased excessively which has made it very difficult for me to live without an AC or a fan. -Saurav Bhandari, Class of 19, DWIT As I am a student, I have seen lots of problem in Kathmandu valley. One of them is the traffic jam. Due to the traffic jam, I have been late and missed my classes.  It’s not only my problem, it is the problem for all whose time has been lost. - Babin Karki, Class of 19, DWIT There are many problems that the people have faced in Kathmandu. Everyday life here is a struggle and people overcome that hurdle without complaining too much. The very essential things like electricity, water, transportation, roads have reduced the standard in Kathmandu and it kills me every day. Apart from that what I see as a problem is the never stopping pollution. Not having electricity or a good transportation system does not affect your health or lower the life expectancy but living in a polluted environment does. So I see it is not only as a problem but as a major threat that exists in Kathmandu. -Bimal Gaire, Class of 2016, DWIT We all know that Nepal is the second richest country in water resources in the world. However, load shedding has become one of the major problems that the people in Kathmandu have faced. We all need electricity for different purposes. I am a student of computer science and I need to charge my laptop but due to the electricity problem, it is very difficult to charge my laptop and phone which becomes a headache for me. This kills most of my time so that I am compelled to stay late in college. -Abhishek Gupta, Class of 16, DWIT I am from out of the valley.  I know electricity, drinking water, and traffic jams are the problem that people face on a daily basis so it becomes common to all. It makes their lifestyle very difficult. Another problem that creates a headache is searching for a room in Kathmandu which becomes a very tedious task. -Krishna Barme, Employee, Nepal Agro Traders I have seen thousands of problem in Kathmandu but waiting in a queue in different places like hospitals, clinics, foreign affairs, transportation (license) department, banks, and other public places kills everyone’s time. Ram Bahadur Shrestha, Self-employed People have faced many problems in Kathmandu but I think environmental pollution is one of the major problems that exists in today’s Kathmandu. Pollution like air pollution, sound pollution, water pollution badly affects the human health. -Sushila Shrestha, Cosmic International School Oh! The problem in Kathmandu! There are many problems that exist in Kathmandu valley but one of the most significant is of pure drinking water. Apart from this, fresh air and food are also essential things. -Sarita Barma, Self-employed As I am from outside the valley, I think the problem in Kathmandu valley is increasing market price. It is very difficult to stay in Kathmandu with less earning. Besides the increasing market prices, high tuition fees of school children is also a problem that I have faced. -Goma Shrestha, Housewife I think the main problem in Kathmandu is to find a job. It is hard to find a job no matter how much and what we have studied. Getting a job depends on the political power and money. -Naresh Chaudhary, Tribhuwan University There are many problems which we all have faced but due to the earlier start of the monsoon, the rain water creates a problem for everyone. As I am a student I have to reach college early in the morning, sometimes I forget to take umbrella while going to college then rainfall creates a problem for me. It damages my books and dress. -Niroj Shrestha, Ratna Higher Secondary School I think transportation, job, increasing market price, drinking water are the problem that everyone face. As a result, many people are leaving Nepal for the purpose of earning. Here in Nepal, it becomes hard to get a job without political power and money. Even if someone gets a job, they are paid less and get a lower level job and with this earning it is difficult to live in Kathmandu. So I think these all happens due to weak government policy, political instability, and high corruption. -Top Bahadur Shrestha, Employed Overseas