Sat, 20 Apr, 2024

Major Highlights of Alok Koirala During His Tenure at DWIT

By Anish Thakuri

Photo : Alok Koirala During His Speech at IT4D Conference Photo Courtesy: Bimal Gaire

Alok Koirala, the head of Research and Development (R &D) Department is no more a part of DWIT. He had been a reputed figure at Deerwalk during his 14 months tenure . From the department of Research and Development to the IT4D conference, KMH project to Administration section, his contribution has been taken as a significant value. He possessed a great deal of knowledge about technology and ongoing progress. During the period of time, he has won the hearts of many Deerwalkers. He has left DWIT to rejoin VMware in Canada.

Koirala officially became a member of DWIT on 1st March, 2014. After he joined DWIT, the department of Research and Development was initially formed. The purpose of R&D department was to motivate students. He says “The monotonous system that the student only focus on their academic course needed to be changed. We want students to engage themselves in several projects that solve real world problem.” He always expected innovative ideas from the students. So, the R&D department conducted a project work class. The ultimate aim of that class was to make students interested in technology. He claimed that R&D department has also developed a problem solving approach in students.

Next is IT4D Conference. His aim was to make it happen. The conference which hadn't taken place since 2012, was successfully conducted in 2014 at Hotel Annapurna. The main purpose of the conference was to promote E-health and E-education. He says “ The conference wasn't for the heck of it. Such type of conferences help to promote the IT sector in Nepal.”.

Koirala had also taken the initiative to revive the KMH (Kathmandu Model Hospital) project, which had been sidelined for a long time. He included five students from DWIT and gave them opportunities to learn about real world scenarios. He also initiated the process to look for interns for Deerwalk Services from DWIT. During his period, as many students got opportunities to work as Interns in Deerwalk Services. Besides that, his enrollment in the administration section of DWIT was considered as a significant one. Also, he used to take classes and motivate students to work hard.

 DWIT News team has taken an interview with him. Here are some of the things he had to say.

 Your best day at DWIT?

- “The day when I joined DWIT and spoke with all the students. It was an outstanding feeling. At that moment, it felt like I was working with the future IT Entrepreneurs.”

 Since you know most of the students, if you have to take the name of one students. Which one would you take?

- “There is no special name as such. If you had mentioned a particular field, then I would have probably given an answer. But every one is talented in their own field. So it will be an injustice to take the name of just one.”

 As you have handled several administration tasks, how would you see DWIT in the future?

- “DWIT is an exceptional college. I would say, it is better than any other college in Nepal. It is more than an educational institution. You can never get such type of platform for IT students. So mark my word, sooner or later, it will be one of the finest IT colleges of Asia. There is no doubt about it.”

 Finally, he suggested that every student to be the subject of change. He wants students not to complain over trivial matter. It is always better come up with a solution than to complain. He urges everyone to work hard and says, “there is no shortcut to success.”