Wed, 07 Jun, 2023

Madesh Andolan: My Opinion

By Ankit Pradhan

Picture Courtesy: DWIT News

As we all know that after releasing the new constitution of Nepal, it has been almost two months that the strike in Terai by different Madeshi parties and blockade caused by India has persisted. This unstable political condition has caused major economic impact in our country.

Are the people living in Madesh Madeshis (native to Nepal) or are they Indians who only speak Madeshi, but have hearts of native Indians? As all the people living in Nepal are Nepalese, those people living in Terai / Madesh who are fighting a nonsense fight should understand each other and the people living in other regions of Nepal. What are the parties fighting for and what do the real Madeshis want? It’s not clear. It seems that just certain leaders of political parties standing on the back of Madeshi people are fighting their own fight in the name of Madesh and Madhesis.

Actually in Madesh, the place where I come from, the whole area is surrounded by Madeshis. However, everyone is living in peace and harmony. The people who are actually living there are not participating in these political affairs. The ones from deep inside the village, most of who are uneducated, are just following the political parties like a herd of sheep hopping to gain something.

If we go in public and ask each Madeshi people what their actual demand is then I don’t think they can for sure say what they want. In other words, there is lack of communication and mutual understanding. May be in our latest constitution, there is some provision which is not in favor of Madeshi people, but that doesn’t mean we go against our own people and make them suffer. If we look back in history, then for sure I can say that it is impossible to fulfill the demand of all people. Hence, we always choose the majority; that’s what democracy is about.

These political parties remain silent for many years until the time to gain power via position comes; then, they seat in power for the sake of taking bribe. We people should understand that we should fight our own fight instead of relying in political leaders. Once their need is fulfilled, they forget public who had supported them.

Hoping that this crisis will be solved soon!