Mon, 15 Jul, 2024

Luxury Darshan

By Nisha Dhungana

Picture Courtesy: Milan Lohani (Facebook Page)

“Luxury Darshan” directed by Meelan is the drama that encircles the stress and anxiety caused due to the conflict between expectations and reality of the character “Dhruba Kumar”. The drama is an exceptional piece of sophisticated acting, amazing transitions, and great story line. The story is relatable for every individual as it depicts the everyday scenarios of the day to day lifestyle.

The story starts when chess enthusiast “Dhruba Kumar” is beaten by his own 14-year-old student “Ranjit”. The story then continues revealing love and dark betrayal. Dhruba Kumar adopts the 14-year-old boy only to raise him as a great disappointment because Ranjit opposes the very ideas and principles of Dhruba Kumar. The day to day degrading psychology of Dhruba Kumar which he tries but fails to escape, portrays the fact that we are governed by our own psychology and we do the things we never expected in order to escape our thoughts from haunting us. The humor and its timing was just perfect.

I must take my time and praise the acting skills of the actors. Hats off to them; they were brilliant. They brought life to the concept. The drama gave the illusion of real events. The light and sound effects were brilliant. I loved the use of props to give realistic effect to the drama.

Overall I must say the team of “Luxury Darshan” has done a remarkable job. If you love the amazing story line that could make you think for at least a day, then I would suggest you to see the Drama “Luxury Darshan”. It would worth both your time and money.