Wed, 19 Jun, 2024

My love Towards Nepali Novels

By Nisha Dhungana

Being a part of the Book Club has turned me into a book lover; now, I love spending my time reading novels.  Initially, I was inspired to read by my elder sister. Since childhood, she used to read novels. I used to see her smiling and crying while reading. I used to wonder how it would feel to read a complete book, but then, none of the books engrossed me or made me read from cover to cover. My sister brought a book named “Radha” by Krishna Dharabasi from my cousin. I don’t know what, but there was something that appealed me to read the book. I started reading the book. I had never felt so satisfied before. It was something that made me travel through the time. I used to find myself in the era of Lord Krishna. “Radha” is a book that compels the readers to rethink about the tale of Radha-Krishna relationship. The book is written through the perspective of “Radha”. It feels as if Lord Krishna is not a Lord but simple people like us, and the one who is overrated for his skills to tackle the difficulties. This very first book made me so addicted towards books.

After Radha, books attracted me. I have read many Nepali as well as English novels till date. Another powerful Nepali book that I have read is “Shirish ko Fool” by Parijat. It is also another masterpiece by Nepali writer. It’s a psychology of mid-aged, retired army officer who falls in love with the not so attractive woman. The book made me wonder how the diseased woman could portray the psychology of very different man.

It’s not that English books are not good enough, but for me, none online casino of the English books can touch my soul as the Nepali novels do. I have seen many young readers not willing to read Nepali books because they think that the Nepali books are not as good as the English ones. After having read many books, I can surely say, Nepali writers are very talented and reading one Nepali novel can change your perspective towards Nepali books. Nepali books are something that expresses the thought and emotion we can relate to. Simple yet complex literature makes every book worms go mesmerized.

Like we have heard the saying, don’t judge a book by its cover, I would like to suggest every reader not to judge the Nepali literature before reading it. Finally, if you do not have the habit of reading books, try to read one. Maybe start with Nepali novel because reading a book of language we are very used to can make new readers get attracted towards reading books.