Wed, 19 Jun, 2024

My Love for Food

By Shreha Regmi

Love: a feeling used to describe a strong affection towards someone or something. I do have affection towards a person-but my love for food goes back, way back. Back to when I was a small child. And honestly speaking, I had no idea that I was such a foodie. Whenever my mom starts telling my childhood stories, I start acting, “Oh! Come on mom, stop it. That’s embarrassing.” But, it’s kind of funny and it feels really nice hearing your childhood tales. She tells me that I loved Cerelac, a baby food. And the funniest part is, I still love it. Yeah, when you are a small child, you are bound to eat whatever your parents feed you, right? It’s the same for me too. But I used to trouble my parents and that too, a lot. I was fat when I was a child, well let me not use the word fat, but healthy. So yeah, I was a healthy child. I loved chocolates, and if I saw something delicious, I had to have it. Or else, I used to get down the floor crying and embarrassed my parents. And it was always fun to do so, because they always did what I said. As I grew up, my love for food became stronger. My father used to work in a hotel, so he used to bring different foods to home. I used to eat everything, only if I liked it. But there was nothing that I didn’t like. My sister on the other hand, used to make fun of me saying different kind of names, fatty, blue whale, hippo…. Ahh! They’re countless. And I do not want to remember those names he-he. Even my relatives used to tease me, they used to say that I ate my sister’s food also- and that is why she is so thin and I was umm... healthy. That really used to piss me off. But yes, my love for food grew stronger because of my father. Because he was the one to take me to different restaurants- making me try all kinds of food. It’s all because of him; I now know the types of food I want to try. I tried Italian, Korean, Japanese, Nepali (a must for me), Indian (well, everyone’s tried that), Middle-Eastern and Dutch. I want to try every cuisine. The number of cuisines I tried, it may be less. But I want to try everything. I am not the kind of person to worries about size, well little bit maybe. If I’m upset or sad, just feed me my favorite snacks and I’ll be happy. My friends and my family know about the love I have for food. And the one thing I hope, that my love for food never ends. :D