Mon, 15 Jul, 2024

Looking Back And Ahead: Class of 2016

By Shreeya Pandey

Class of 2016 celebrate their final day at DWIT

Four long years of industrious but fun-filled and worth remembering times at DWIT officially ended on December 9 for Class of 2016. This batch is regarded as one of the best batches of DWIT as shown by the excellent performances of the students academically. Apart from this, few of the students from the very batch have become mentors to the juniors sharing their valuable knowledge about computer science as well as about life. Currently, most of the students are working as interns in Deerwalk Services. This internship opportunity has enabled them to have better exposure to the professional world and now here they are, fully prepared to step into their new professional life. DWIT News had interviewed few students from the batch regarding their overall experience at DWIT and their future plans. Here’s what they had to say: [caption id="attachment_15304" align="alignleft" width="294"]Photo Courtesy: Facebook Profile Photo Courtesy: Facebook Profile[/caption]

Kundan Shumsher Rana

“I have had ‘bittersweet’ experience at DWIT. When I started my first semester, DWIT was a small college and I had no idea what life would be like here. As we progressed to new semesters, the number of people started to grow. It was all fun in the beginning and little did we know of the times that lay ahead. Things started getting hectic, crazy, and hard but they were amazing at the same time. We will always be grateful to the people we met here and our time in DWIT was unforgettable. The thing I liked the most about DWIT is that this place is like a launching pad for students that launches them directly into the professional world with years of experience already in their pockets. Apart from this, I feel that a lot of things are still mismanaged at DWIT. The administration is amazing but still new. To reach the heights that DWIT has set for itself, five years of experience is not enough. My immediate future plans include going on a trekking trip with my friends and join the teaching fellowship program for a couple of months. If things don't work out, I will continue my work in the company where I am doing my internship or else find a job somewhere else as soon as possible." Advice to Juniors: Be confident, and learn all of the mathematics that is about to come and more importantly, learn C, C++, and Java seriously. They are going to be extremely important for a number of reasons that you could never even imagine. [caption id="attachment_15306" align="alignright" width="354"]Photo Courtesy: Facebook Profile Photo Courtesy: Facebook Profile[/caption] Abhishek Gupta "My experience in DWIT has been full of fun memories and simultaneously filled with hardships. I have lots of wonderful memories here in DWIT that I would always remember and cherish throughout my lifetime. The thing I like the most about DWIT is its pleasant environment for studies and working purpose. Apart from this, I am not much satisfied with the administration as teachers are excused on whatever faults they make but when it comes to students, there is no excuse. Once the college administration had delayed my documents and I had to wait a whole week for it. My immediate future plan is to look for a part-time job with a handsome salary." Advice to Juniors: Studies should be your first priority so study well. [caption id="attachment_15307" align="alignleft" width="300"]Photo Courtesy: Google+ Profile Photo Courtesy: Google+ Profile[/caption]

Krishna Chauhan

"My experience at DWIT includes learning new things and exploring. I learned various entrepreneur skills here at DWIT and I have decided not to become a job-oriented person. The thing I like the most about DWIT is the platform provided by the college to explore the professional world. On the other hand, I do not like the long and hectic working hours of the college. My immediate plan is to be involved in some social activity in relation to the ongoing scenario of our country and with that experience, I want to start my entrepreneurship journey." Advice to the juniors: Learn to program but if you don't understand its concepts well, you don’t have to worry as there are other options too.   DWIT News wishes Class of 2016 all the best for their future endeavors.