Sat, 20 Apr, 2024

"Look For Places That Excite You" - Subarna Basnet, Ph.D., MIT

By Sweekriti Gautam

Mr. Subarna Basnet, Ph.D., MIT
On Dec. 29, 2016, Deer Express Club conducted a talk program by Subarna Basnet. Mr. Basnet holds a Ph.D. from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is an enthusiastic engineer and designer. He delivered an inspirational message to the students through his life experiences. He is currently working as a research scientist at Singapore University Technology and design. He started his career as a Design and Development Engineer in Kathmandu. Mr. Basnet completed his schooling from Budhanilkantha school and completed his high school from Amrit Science College popularly known as ASCOL. Design, technology, and innovations excited him since his childhood and later went to pursue his career in the same field. Passion and interest are the driving force for his successful career and encouraged people to "Look for places that excite you" to have a bright career. After completing his bachelor degree in mechanical engineering, he started to analyze the problems prevailing around and tried to find out the solutions for them. Soon after his graduation, Mr. Basnet worked at Nepal hydropower for two years and redesigned the turbine to minimize the frequency of failure and made a significant contribution to Nepalese Hydro industry. It's the duty of the design engineer to understand the needs and demands of the new product. Mr. Basnet realized that the limitation, constraints, expectations, and requirements vary according to the customer and it's his responsibility to meet their expectations.
“Successful people ask themselves certain questions every day to achieve their goals. If their actions don't line up with their goals, they make the necessary adjustment.” 
Mr. Basnet passed the message, "When you design software, put yourself in the shoe of the customer so that you can see from a different perspective." This philosophy led him to work in Bose Corporation as a design engineer and had a successful career. This job changed his view of innovations as he learned to develop products to withstand the varieties of conditions. Mr. Basnet who has a diverse knowledge of software skills emphasized students to find the solutions for the problems around us in the field that interests them.