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A Look at CAN Info-tech 2015

By Kundan Shumsher Rana

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Computer Association of Nepal (CAN) hosted its 21st CAN Info-tech from 28th January - 2nd February 2015 (14th – 19th Magh 2071). The event was held at Exhibition Hall, Bhrikutimandap, Kathmandu. The CAN Info-tech is a mega event of information, computation & entertainment technology that is annually held to showcase the latest advancements in technology. The event first took place in 1995 by CAN to show the people of Nepal what technologies are available in the market and what future technologies will be available.

CAN Info-tech 2015 was a great success. Hundreds of thousands of people visit the event every year and this year was no different. The entrance gates were filled with people waiting in lines to get in. General visitors were charged Rs 150 while students were charged Rs 75 as entrance fees.

As soon as you enter the gates, you walk through a along corridor. At the end of it you will find the long lines of stalls of different groups and companies. Companies like Samsung, Dell and Intel presented their latest technologies. There were smart phones, tablets, laptops and PCs on display. Others well known names like Panasonic, Colors, and Videocon had their phones on display. All of these products were very powerful in terms of processing speed.

There were also many Nepali companies and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) present and they all were ready and prepped to showcase their products. ISPs like Vianet, Subisu, Worldlink are well known names in Nepal and they were present to answer any questions that anyone had regarding the quality of service and the way one can acquire their services.

Many other Nepali companies who aren’t well known to the public were also present. When asked, “Why did you choose to put up a stall at CAN info-tech and what benefits do you see your company and the people who visit this event gaining from coming here?”, some of them responded as follows:

CAN info-tech has become a big name in Nepal and is now synonymous with technological advancements. This is the only place where we can advertise our institution to a wider and more curious demographic in a more reliable and cheaper way.” - BLACKHAWK, an institution for training IP professionals

My company deals with the sales, repair and maintenance of laptops and desktops. In the past we had a difficult time announcing ourselves to the public. But ever since we started coming to CAN info-tech a couple of years back, we started to get more customers and our business is growing.” – Kulnidhi Adnikari, Nepalese Computers

We love it here in CAN info-tech. Our academy teaches people how to animate. We provide a 2.5 year course on Multimedia & Animation, Multimedia Technologies and Digital Animation. After a person has finished our course we provide them with a diploma.Through this event we get more interested participants who reserve their seats at our academy.” – Animax Animation Academy

We receive so many people who want to use our service. Since people find it difficult to come to our office in search for answers CAN info-tech gives the public the perfect opportunity to get their answers. After CAN info-tech is over we will be busy with installing Subisu internet to all the people who are interested.” – Subisu

We showcase many of our products here. Since we provide a special discount for the event, some people buy some of our products right here at the event.” - Dell

Many other people/companies at the event gave similar answers. CAN info-tech has become a stage for all the companies to meet with a wide demographic of people and advertise their services to them.

CAN Info-tech has become a beacon for all the IT enthusiasts and professionals to visit, browse and buy many devices that are available. There are many devices for sale right there on the spot.