Mon, 04 Dec, 2023

A Look at the Food in Deerfest

By Bimal Gaire

Photo: Members of food dept. preparing food for the Deerwalkers Photo Courtesy: Navaraj Kharel

Deerfest is also known as the food festival in DWIT. The main aim of this event is to entertain the participants to the fullest. Dance, music and food, what do you need more? This is the day for celebrations and take a day off of the busy and stressful life.

There was no compromise in the food department this year. As opposed to last year's mo:mo only servings, there were varieties of food to satisfy the hunger of the participants. There were 4 food rounds in the program; breakfast, Round 1, Round 2 and Round 3.

In breakfast, a serving included some boiled eggs, sandwiches and tea. In particular, the tea was really good. I would have taken two cups of those if it wasn't for my gastritis. Since it was served early in the morning, it was fully offered by Deerwalk Foods.

Then there was Round 1 after the completion of Quiz contest. Burgers, French fries and soft drinks were served in this round. All these items were prepared by the students who volunteered in the food department. To be honest, the burgers were really delicious and the fries were some of the best I have had in DWIT over the years. The size of the burgers was a bit smaller than the regular ones. The meat was juicy and cooked absolutely fine. What it was missing was fresh lettuce and sufficient mayonnaise. Overall, it was good to satisfy the hungry ones.

Round 2 was served right after the completion of musical performances. Participants were getting really hungry by the time the food was served. After dancing a bit, most of the people were tired and ready go and give a shot to Chicken Choila with Chiura, Pani Puri, Mushroom Chilli, and soft drinks. The Choila was spicy and delicious. Generally you'd expect to have a bit more oil but it was even more than I had imagined. And there were a lot of ginger slices which would give a warm and peppery taste in every bite. I compensated that with a glass full of chilled coke. I couldn't get hold of the Mushroom Chilli but by the look, it looked a bit dry. The way people were eating this dish, it surely was a delicious one. I hate to say this but the Pani Puri was a disaster. It was all soaked before you could put the sour mixture of lemon and water. So it tasted like Pakoda instead. Nevertheless, it was fun having something totally prepared by my friends.

The last round of food consisted chicken and vegetable mo:mos along with signature drink. The mo:mo was delicious at the beginning although it was too oily. Near the end, I got some half cooked mo:mos on my plate which I enjoyed with a tasty achaar (home cooked tomato sauce). There was nothing signature about the so called signature drink. There was this weird taste to this drink which I can barely forget. It could be totally subjective but from the reactions I collected from some of my colleagues, it was “bad”.

No matter how much effort you put in doing things, something always goes wrong. There are corners than can be improved for future events. So, I hope there will be more delicious varieties of foods in the third iteration of Deerfest. And an eating competition would truly bring a positive vibe in the atmosphere.

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