Fri, 24 May, 2024

After a Long Wait: Happy Constitution!

By Dipesh Poudel

Picture Courtesy: DWIT News

A very long wait is finally over—Nepal finally has a new constitution. It took almost a decade for the Constitutional Assembly to come up with a new constitution. The new constitution was supposed to come six years ago. Like they say, “better late than never.” Now we have a constitution that is made by people who were selected by the people. The demand of the Constitutional Assembly was made during the People’s Movement of 2007 B.S. which was fulfilled in the People’s Movement of 2062/2063 B.S. After almost a decade and two constitutional assemblies, we finally have a new constitution. The constitution is not a magic spell that can take away all of our problems, but we can implement it and bring our country to the fast lane of development.

Those people who do not support the new constitution called for a general strike on Sunday. This clearly shows that not all the people are happy about it. It is impossible to make all the people happy, but it feels good to see a majority of happy faces. It is said that it is not possible to give birth to a child who is perfect at everything; we can slowly teach him/her to be a better person. So, Nepalese should understand that the new constitution might also have some flaws, but we can together make it better. Revolting against it is not a good idea.

We are already a century behind the world and these strikes are taking us further backwards. Hence, we need to stop this, take what we have even though it is not perfect, and move forward. A constitution alone cannot develop our country, but it is obvious that people can on the basis of the constitution that gives equal rights to everyone.

Let’s all stand together for our country’s betterment. Happy Constitution!

PS. You can read the constitution via the app Nepal ko Sambidhan.