Sun, 03 Dec, 2023

The Long Talked-About Club Will Finally Commence This Week

By Prakriti Shree Tuladhar

Yet another glorious club of DWIT is going to begin this week. It is a club which aims to inspire Deerwalkers to, as the club President says, focus on how it happened as opposed to what happened. It’s the DeerChautari Club whose name we have been hearing for quite some time now. The club’s name has been inspired aptly from the chautaris of our country. As the name suggests, this club is going to be a gathering place for Deerwalkers to share information on new ideas and developments in the field of IT and to learn something new and interesting every time. This club is meant to teach us more about our IT world which keeps on changing. With the help of the club, we can keep up with the world and at times be ahead of it and leave no room for ‘jargon’. The President, Sameer Koirala of Batch 2016, says, “The DeerChautari Club is one of the only clubs where we will be having discussions on the things we have been hearing about, but have no clue as to how they actually happened. Developments like, if people went to the moon as early as they did, why no one has been able to do so in last 14 years? And more importantly in this modern "hi-tech" age, how is it possible for a Boeing 777 to just vanish!  It is a machine fully loaded with latest technology and software. How did the OPEN Source movement start? We will be covering other such questions. There are many things to discuss!” The club really seems to provoke thoughts and push us towards research. We wish to express our good wishes to the club for its future endeavors and we hope that this club performs wonderfully to help all the Deerwalkers drill their brain on how things happen.