Sun, 25 Feb, 2024

Local Election a Must

By Giriraj Khatri

Nepal will be achieving a milestone in its long and difficult transition to democracy when it will hold its first local election in two decades. The local bodies were without people’s representative for fourteen years and the vacant places will soon be filled after the election scheduled for May 14. There have been extravagant anomalies prevalent in local bodies in the absence of a local representative of which the government is well aware of. To curb it, the government had tried to hold the local election but due to differences and conflict between political parties, the efforts were all gone in vain. The local bodies which are responsible for implementing the developmental activities in grassroots level did not exist slowing the pace of development. The VDC secretariat who are difficult to trace were alternative for local body’s representatives which in turn stalled development. In addition, corruption and mismanagement have been rampant in local bodies in the absence of people choice representative. The present government like previous is also stressing to hold local election despite the Madhesi parties disagreeing to it. The election commission is already preparing logistic including press where the ballot papers could be printed and have already published the updated voter list. The political parties have already started their campaign and announcing manifesto which confirms that the election will sure be held. However, people are still doubtful because of Madhesi community ignoring and protesting against the election. It is very necessary to hold the local election to end political instability, implement newly formed constitution and more importantly to call a country to be democratic. If by any means election is not held then the country risks sliding into a constitutional crisis and fragile the stability.