Wed, 19 Jun, 2024

Live Beautifully, Live Passionately!

By Ruby Shrestha

The staircase of our life is certainly atypical. Not only does it have smooth treads and low steps, allowing the residence of comfort in us, equally and sometimes to a higher degree, it has elevated, steep and differently angled steps with uneven and broken treads along the way, demanding us to jump higher, to escalate our level of stretch, to give up the comfort we cherish and sometimes the people we admire. As we ascend such staircase, we need to let ourselves be open to experiences. We have to let our life have taste of the risks, the falls, the accomplishments, the bruises, the mends, the wounds, and almost everything. Only then will we be able to figure out what we really want, what is it that keeps us happy during the falls, what is it that helps us heal the bruises and wounds we come across, where in the way do we experience a sense of happiness, when in the way do we smile! Only then will we be able to encounter our passion. It is obviously difficult to realize one’s passion. I feel, from what I’ve seen and what I’ve experienced, knowledge of an event or subject gained through involvement in or exposure to it (which actually is the Wikipedia definition of experience) is essential for recognizing and acknowledging whether it is really what we love to do.  I have come across a lot of people who have headed along a completely different dimension later in their life after having a taste of dimension which does not excite or enliven them. People actually do so, whichever point in life they might be in. So, doing so isn’t unusual. What is really required is the realization of “Why stick to something that does not fulfill our desires, something that does not complement our passion?” Life is too short to be wasted pleasing people around, why not think of pleasing ourselves first? Why not think of doing things that exhilarate us. Why not do what we love? That way, we’ll automatically love what we do. So people, live beautifully, live passionately! Take risks, head on to a journey of experiences, realize what you love and follow your passion. A short poem: Passion’s a Pearl Your passion, It keeps you alive Makes you strive Helps you thrive Enables your dead soul to revive! Demotivation, Ah! Weighs way less than your passion However much it tries to oppress, Bring up distress; Your passion is there to caress, Help you express, Let every bit of energy within you coalesce, And eventually, lead you to success! Yes, if you have that zeal Your talents, your strengths You’ll wonderfully reveal Any demotivated dents You’ll heal, Any plausible torments Will be an easy deal That limelight of triumph and magnificence You’ll certainly steal! With your passion, You’re the juggernaut Everything required, you’ve got You’re ready to lead the lot You’re ready to give your best shot Extricate any knot!