Mon, 11 Dec, 2023

A List that 90s Kathmandu Kids Can Relate To

By Shrijak Shrestha

dwit-news-5th-special-logo This is a list of 20 things you can relate to if you were born in the 90s and you lived in Kathmandu: Drinking Juicy - It came in a plastic bag (like the ones used to sell milk nowadays) for cheap (Rs 3). It was tasty, son! Pakistani commercials- renting VCR’s with pirated movies that had awful Pakistani commercial clips in between. Auto books- every kid had one. You wrote about yourself in it. You gave it to your friends for them to fill it with their likes, pictures and interests and for them to write nice things about you. It was Facebook in a copy. King Birendra- waiting excitedly for the King in the streets to look at his black car as it passed by. Open spaces- there were endless places to explore and trees to climb. You had more than 10 spots you had to choose from to play football in without paying MONEY. Damn you urbanisation! Dhunge Dharas– original water parks. Nice cold water. DARPAN CHAYA- everybody watched it in theatres. It was a dope movie. TOONAMI- Pokémon, Dragonball Z, Beyblade.... :’( UNCLE CHIPS- every kid wasted a ton of their money on these chips for the cartoon merchandise. Toonami fuelled these corporate suckers. Shaktiman- had the best special effects and scariest monsters as a kid. We didn’t seem to notice that the fat guy was flying on a table. Wrestling stickers- Winning required complex strategies and experience or just a ‘Tauke’ card with 50 heads. Experimenting with Maltabars- it was a type of cracker. Kids used to use it to blow a lot of things such as vegetables, insects etc. Magic pencils- you had to have one, the biggest one. Yahoo Chat rooms- Sorry bro! We were just messing with you. Britney Adams does not love you and is not coming to Nepal. Fountain pens- drawing in ink was an art form. I didn’t do it Sir! It was him!! COD’s ‘ekanta cha thau’ – most kids can rap to that song. The gangster phase- starting from 9th Grade 3, 4 kids from class start acting like bullies and say things like 'Hafta', 'mero keda haru', 'asti gangfight bhathyo', 'saman' etc. The Korean media- it was annoying. Metallica- All HAIL!! White Rabbit- that was a tasty candy.