Fri, 22 Sep, 2023

Life Still Goes On: Mohan

By Ankit Pradhan

The world is full of happiness along with tragedy. We always try to be happy and enjoy our lives even with all the troubles that we face. We try to fight our fate but sometimes it cannot be changed. This is the biography of a student of DWIT batch 2017 who has faced many hardships since birth. His name is “Mohan Singh Bomrel”. He was born in the western part of Nepal, in a place called Baglung. After a year of his birth his family left to India as the living conditions in Nepal were not good. In India, his father used to work hard for the family. Mohan wasn’t able to speak until he was 3 years old and his small brother was the one who taught him how to speak. After living in India for a few years they returned back to his birth place but as their economic condition wasn’t good, his father had to go to a Gulf country to work. His childhood wasn’t pleasant. He was unable to receive his father's love as he used to be out most of the time working in foreign countries. After few years they moved to a place in Terai called Butwal. Though he had studied up to class 1 in Baglung, he had to start his studies from Nursery in Butwal. He was very intelligent and talented from his childhood. He used to get 1st rank in his class. In Butwal, he had a neighbour whom he used to treat like his sister. They used to enjoy each other’s company. She was also talented and used to study most of the time. She developed stomach cancer and unfortunately she passed away. Who can imagine how horrible a small kid feels after losing someone who is very important to him? After working some years in Kuwait, his father returned to Nepal due to illness. In Nepal, he went to different hospitals for diagnosis but later it was found that he was suffering from eye cancer and unfortunately he lost sight in one eye due to cancer. Even though his condition was not good, he went back to work in order to earn money for his family. His father had earned a lot of money working in foreign countries, he bought land in different parts of Terai and had a small house in Mumbai which was given by the Indian government when they were in India. After a few years, Mohan’s father came back to Nepal because the cancer from his eye had spread to his entire body. They went to different places in India and Nepal to cure the disease. But in Bharatpur hospital they found that it was too late. All the money that his father had saved was spent in curing the disease but still they could not save him. “It was a Saturday. I clearly remember it was the day when Nepal Television used to show movies. I was alone in the house, later I found that my father was dead.” said Mohan. From that day his mother took the responsibility of the household. They carried on with their life with the money they received from the house in Mumbai. He continued with his studies to college after getting a scholarship from the HSEB Board. He graduated from New Horizon College. His mother wanted to make him a doctor at any cost, she even sold their house in Mumbai, but Mohan always wanted to study IT. However, to fulfil his mother’s wish he went to China to study MBBS. He used to get lonely in China and he was also shy. But later he made some friends there with whom he used to enjoy. In China, he struggled with learning Chinese. No one from his batch had passed HSK (Chinese Language Level Proficiency Test) before. Everybody used to say, “It is impossible to pass the exam. We cannot even memorize the Chinese characters, how can we pass the exam?” Mohan took an oath to pass the exam at any cost. He took a class and read the 1200 chinese characters for the HSK level 4. There were 20 foreigners giving the HSK examination. Finally on January 1st, 2013 he passed the exam along with a Nepali friend named Prerna Mallik. They used to learn Chinese together and practice talking with each other in Chinese. Those two made history by passing the exam which had never been done by any foreigner before in that University. He said “Satisfaction is what you feel when you do a work that others say you cannot do." As the teaching system was different from Nepal, he returned from China and joined DWIT as per his will. He had wanted to study there all along because before going to China to study MBBS, he had visited DWIT and was considering it as another option. His philosophy about life is that everybody has bad and good aspects. Let other people know you by your good aspects not by your bad ones. He also said that memories last forever so make beautiful memories in your present. Always learn something from your mistakes and never repeat the same mistake twice. Hard times come in your life to make you stronger.