Wed, 07 Jun, 2023

Life, From My Perspective

By Rejina Kattel

Life is straightforward to verbalize but truly, it is hard-hitting to understand. From birth to death, choices are put down making life impediment. I actually don’t discern what life is although I am breathing. I am breathing since my birth…for 20 years now; but it gives a shock and it sucks too. I am vault to live and I must. Sometimes happiness is life, sometimes appreciation is life, sometimes achievement is life, and sometimes sacrifice is life. But what it actually and entirely is, no one knows. When you dig up the lead of some era in your life and are just about to grasp what life is…ultimate destination ‘death’ comes to you.

I cultured definition which my mom gave concerning life, definition which I studied in my books, definition that I found in dictionary and my definition about life. They were general in meaning but the approach and idiom which I understood was entirely varied. What I am writing is just what I believe life is; my perception, my experience, my sensitivity, my precision, my understanding. What I am lettering at the moment may diverge when I put pen on life tomorrow, because the soreness I am enduring may perish and my immature contemplation existing at present may be overwhelmed tomorrow.

In my view life is illusion, fantasy we trust on. Life is also a strange voyage with a destiny to have bliss on oneself and people around us. Preliminary chapter starts with this and we acknowledge life which goes on and on, but what actually is engraved in life is complication. We try our best to comprehend but it's over before realizing the end. Life is not amalgam if we run along with it, but if we try to go through the fruits we are a troubleshooter. All of us yearn for happiness throughout our life. There are two types of people around the world. Some like residing hushed for what they encompass and some endeavor novelty and not at all sense completeness. Both of them are happy to their own extent. Meaning of life may be different from people to people based on privilege they are enjoying. We see some people born on fort and some on the shed; both people delineate life from their own perspective.

A person is alive for a moment and dead on the next, here comes the uncertainty and insecurity of life. Sometimes, I feel life is an exam just before death because it is composition of joy, pleasure, success and comfort punctuated by misery, defeat, failures and problem. All of us are equal if we consider death; we all are dying one day sooner or later, death happens to everybody.  Blend of death and ambiguity forever scares us; it impedes our happiness, that’s how life and death are both terrifying.

There is a saying “To live well is to die well”, ‘Anonymous’… starts with birth and ends with death but the period is uncertain, So breathe to the fullest with your best; breathing to the fullest means enjoying life and not being shocked by contingency that may or may not occur before you meet up with death. I am sure you’ll be apologetic in the end for your erroneous action, and also for precise action, the entire right feat you took may not be correct from each perspective. The bliss you want on your face might sometimes be something you want to avoid in certain circumstances. You will be judging yourself from the familiarity you’ll have gained. But close your eyes, this is rule of life, humans are natural for slip. Sometimes, they horrify others, but sometimes there comes a time when they will be horrified by themselves.

Your fate before you is now gritty, and you are blessed with life to pave the way to reach the destiny….What you just need to do is open the doors.

My clarity about life may comprise young immature perspective. If my time is running efficiently, I wish I subsist evermore. However coming to the point, I conclude at the moment for everyone that living is to give meaning to life and happiness to the fullest.