Wed, 07 Jun, 2023

Life in Jayabageshwori: Let’s Hear It from the Locals

By Asmita Bista

Photo: Jayabageshwori Area     Photo Courtesy: dwit-news-5th-special-logo It is always good to know what people feel about the area you reside in because it helps one to know the place better, understand its flaws and plus points so that the flaws can be minimized and the plus points be maximized. DWIT is located in Jayabageshwori area. Hence, the DWIT News team made an attempt to know what the locals residing in the area felt, what they considered to be problematic about the place and what they reckoned to be its advantages. Here is what we received: I’ve been living in Jayabageshwori for 30 years. I love the cultural heritage out here. The Jayabageshwori temple, Pashupatinath temple, etc. are some centers of attraction. There’s nothing much problematic, but yes, water problem is something I don’t like. Laxmi Dongal, Shopkeeper I love Jatras conducted in the Jayabageshwori area. Actually, this area is rich in Jatras and festivals. Here, I get to know about the different culture of Nepalese. I’ve been living here for 9 years and the problem I usually face is the transportation problem during the festivals. Astha Bastakoti, Second Year Student, BBS, Xavier International College, Kalopul I was born here and I obviously love this place. Living here for 31 years has been a wonderful journey. I love the friendly nature of people here. Also, there are more facilities since hospital, schools, and colleges are near to this area. The only thing I don’t like about this area is the biases regarding caste. Krishna Limbu, Engineer I love Jatras and other festivals that are held in Jayabageshwori area. The existence of library placed here is also a plus point for the area. I like the Siphal ground too. The only thing I don’t like is the pollution. Rashik Sangat, Student of Grade 8, Xavier School, Kalopul I love the culture people out here embrace. When I first came here, there weren’t enough toilets and bathrooms. Pollution shrouded the place.  But now, things have been changed for good; people have also changed. They’ve become more concerned about hygiene and cleanliness. Nevertheless, I think if a hospital will be established in this locality itself, then the locals here will certainly be getting more facility and comfort. Krishna Prasad Lamsal, Ex-Government Officer Jayabageshwori is a holy place. Jayabageshwori temple is considered among the most holy places of Nepal. Living in such a place makes me feel proud about my culture. More than 50% here are Newars and I am one of them. We have a lot of Jatras and festivals and we all celebrate them with extreme exuberance. I have always cherished the festivals here. However, what I do not like is one nature of people out here. People here understand that their enthusiasm towards some Jatras and festivals might disturb other fellow inhabitants of the place but they do not care about that fact. They overlook it actually. Rojina Sangat, Accountant at Sahakari Bank