Sun, 26 May, 2024

Life Is Beautiful by Roberto Benigne

By Ashmita Kunwar

This movie was suggested by Sristi ma’am (our English teacher) and we all started watching the movie together in the seminar hall. In a single period, only one fourth of the movie was complete and rest was left behind. I was very much onto the movie and could not wait for the next period on the next day to complete it. So I finished watching the movie on the same day immediately after I reached my home. I had no clue that the movie which started with full on comedy would have such a heartbreaking ending. I could not stop my tears rolling down. The movie has made its entry in the list of my favorite movies; it fully deserves to win the Oscars. “Life is beautiful” is the Italian tragic comedy movie that was released in 1997, directed by Roberto Benigne.  The one man, who made this movie to the Oscar, is none other than Roberto Benigne himself, who acts as Guido in the movie. The movie starts with a comedy scene where he arrives into the town in a brake failed car. Guido promptly falls in love with Nicolette Braschie, as Dora. She however has a fiancé, whom she was going to get married with. But, she cannot stop herself from loving Guido. Later, Guido and Dora get married and have a five years old cute baby boy named Joshua. All of these scenes till the first part are too witty and funny which one cannot help laughing at. The movie has pictured the situation which was near to the end of World War II during 1945.  Jews in the town were then controlled by Fascist and shipped to the trail to death. Similarly, in the movie as well, Guido and his son get loaded in the train, while Dora, who’s not Jews, is not allowed to go. However, she insists because she wants to be with her husband and son. Guido in order to put his son away from the reality turns this throbbing situation into a game where they need to earn 1000 points to win real tank. He requests his son to hide from the people around there mentioning it as a rule of the game, but in reality small children were burned to make soap and buttons out of them. Throughout the whole time, Guido never puts the reality to his son but always names it as a game. The way he convinces his son and comforts him every time made me cry, and made me love my father more and more. Joshua, although being surrounded by pain, sickness, and death everywhere, does not question his father even once because Guido successfully persuades him, persuades him in such a way that his son always has a game in his mind. Even till the last part of the movie, Joshua considers everything as a game and does not get in touch with the tragic reality around. The movie has lots of comedy in order to soften the holocaust.  The movie justifies the title “Life is beautiful”. Despite of having such cramp situation Guido always has a smile in his face and goes along the path of life with an optimistic feeling. Even in such terrible situation, he saves his son from getting engulfed by terror and sorrow. This signifies that if we try anything with a true feeling in our heart, we can achieve whatever we want. Our parents are the greatest gifts we have in our life and this movie has increased my respect towards my parents. I highly recommend you all to watch this movie, this is a must watch for us all! :D