Mon, 15 Jul, 2024

Letter to My Future Self

By Prakriti Shree Tuladhar

Dearest future me, Hope this letter finds you in the best of your health and spirits. Also, I hope you’re reading this with a smile on your face because I sure am smiling while writing this to you. (I mean me. No, it should be you I think. Well, you get the idea.) I just wish that you are a successful person working towards your dream. I wish you to be settled in a family. I wish you to be a beautiful woman with a good sense of style and a better sense of humor. So no pressure!! But I won’t mind if those statements aren’t true. Of course I know that the ‘good sense of style’ statement would take a million years to come true. All I want for my future self is to have a goal in life and have that will to fulfill the goal. If that’s not there right now in your life, it’s absolutely fine. It’s not like I can judge you for. You’re me after all. I have no doubt that we both will get there at some point in our lives. So, you and I should and will both stay optimistic. If we have found our aim then I know we will succeed. Simply because I am not quitter and I know my future self will never be one too. Lastly, the thing that’s left is a very simple message to you. There will be no more light humor in the preceding paragraph. And I implore you to read it carefully and really think about what I mean. It shouldn’t be hard. We are the same after all and stubborn as we are, time won’t have changed us much. All I really want in my life, in your life is to be happy. Happy in my riches or happy in my poverty. Happy with a good family or happy alone. Happy with my work or happy unemployed. Happy with old friends or happy with new ones. Happy with whom and what you are. If by any chance, you are not happy then take a break. Go paragliding. Come back. Rethink. Then change the situation or give it all up and start again. Whatever you do, don’t live your life entirely for the sake of others. I expect you to know the reason why. I am selfish that way and I hope you are that way too. So then, that’s all for you. Don’t tell me you expected more. You couldn’t have. You’re me after all! Yours’ truly, Me