Sat, 03 Jun, 2023

Let’s Talk About It!!

By Aasha Poudel

Photo: Thought provoking view                                                  Photo Courtesy: Hitesh Karki

As we can see, the picture itself speaks. The picture clearly clarifies that the vehicle shown is a tourist micro bus. The label on the micro bus states “Welcome to Nepal, We makes travel’s fun”. Since, it is a bus designated to carry the foreigners who have come to Nepal for sightseeing, one of the most important factors should be its appearance.

Since Nepal is growing in tourism industry, tourism has a great impact on our economic status. The only thing that connects us with the other people of the world is the communication link between us. English, being the main communication medium, has a very big impact on everything. Portraying the main communicating medium “English” in this way may sound funny to someone or in the worst case, it may sound offensive. It also reflects the educational level of our country.

As a developing country, there are many flaws that need improvement but in context of the other developed countries, being a developing country has become our strength as we can correct the mistakes which we have made and can make better improvements. To develop our country, our government has been focusing on big projects like women empowerment and such but how can it neglect small things like the label on the bus which can make an impact, though small, on the mindset of the tourists. I think the government is neglecting the fact that “even a small spark can give rise to a huge fire”.

The drivers and conductors of our country are trying their best every day to make a living. But with a limited amount of knowledge, no one can move forward. So, I think that the government should take initiative to at least provide them with some basic knowledge regarding the proper use of “English Language”.