Sat, 03 Jun, 2023

Let’s Read What the Directors of Our Daily Drama Have to Say

By Asmita Subedi

Live reporting from the studio “Aayo Hai Aayo Taaja Khabar Aayo!!”

Scene 1

Earthquake: I am the greatest and most fearful.

Weather: Even I am not less. Why should I miss the chance to scare the hell out of people? (Orders bright sun to put on scorching heat.) See!

Earthquake: Seems it’s my turn now. How much should I shake? 4 or 5? (Thinks… It’s still broad daylight; it’s no fun to scare people.)

"Aayoo!! Aaayoo!!" People start to run. Then someone says "Gaihalyo ni!"

Earthquake: Shit! It was too small.

Weather: Now, maybe the sun has gotten bored. (Orders clouds to blacken and hover all around.) Hmm.. Action! Perfect!

Earthquake: Shakes!!!!!!!

"Ram! Ram! Ram! Bachau Bhagwan! Again it’s 4.2."

"It’s enough for now, let’s take a break!," agrees both the earthquake and weather!

Scene 2

Welcome everyone after an hour break. Now we (weather and earthquake) are ready to entertain you all. Today’s headlines at DWIT are:

Messi lost the match and Muscan is sad. Avusan won his game and is in his cloud 9. Anmol has groomed his body and prepared some rap music. Leader Ruby is busy keeping the updates of college and News site. Bipin, Bhishan, Subigya are all busy working on their new project. Even quakes can’t stop geniuses from learning. Surya Dai, Kundan Dai, Barsha, Prayush and the team are busy helping people and building shelters for the homeless. Wow! That’s like true DWITIans. The tiny and lazy Asmita is eating and sleeping all day and putting on weight. Watch out Asmita! You shall turn into a ball. Now the news in detail.

Scene 3

Earthquake and weather seem to have negotiated to threaten people together. Earthquake now makes people dance Vuichaloo Filili song at 5.1 rector scale. Weather seems to be gloomy and there comes the rain.

Heavy Rain: Now even I am all ready to compete with you all.

Then rain starts pouring heavily and people in tents are all scared and wet. They pray to stop the water. The members of Constitutional Assembly are all yawning and getting some good rest and sleep. Our Baburam Bhattarai says, “Thait! Wait Wait! Let me update my status on Facebook and Twitter and I shall join you people.” Pity us! Rain Pity us!

All of a sudden a large sound is followed by the lightening and then continues bang.. Bang. Bang. And then Bang. All the people close their eyes and ears and little children start crying.…"

Thunder: See! I am the scarier one.

Storm: Oh! Come on! Mate. Why compete among ourselves? All we want is to scare people so let’s build a participatory government? We shall form a great government than in Nepal.

The Earthquake, Weather, Heavy Rain and Thunder all seem to agree to Storm. The control and administration was scheduled and all agreed to follow their turns.

Shakes! Clatter of Rains! Crash! Bang! Boom! Crack….!! Screams! Cries! Deaths! Injured! Fear! Scared! Diseases! Disorders…. ! etc. …………….

Quake, Storm, Thunder, Rain together: Boom! Clap! Wow!! The fear seems to continue. Together we completely doomed you Nepalese. Now let’s see. Can you all together build back your nation or will you continue evil and selfishness?

P.S. This is just for fun. Let’s take some time to laugh on our own situation then to sit depressed and mourn. No hard feelings towards anyone.