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Let's Read the DeerUtsav Reviews!

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Photo Courtesy: DWIT Administration After over a month of preparations, finally the most awaited event of DWIT (Deerwalk Institute of Technology) “DeerUtsav 1.0” was conducted on the afternoon of 19th February, Thursday. With a stage; so beautifully decorated, with all the sparkling lights and with all the beautiful performances, DJs, music, the event was a huge success. Now, let’s see what some DWIT students have to say about “DeerUtsav 1.0”. Prakriti Shree Tuladhar First Semester Student at DWIT “I liked the DeerUtsav very much. It was lots of fun to enjoy it with the people I like and the people I would like to know better. The arrangements were superb and the venue was good though it was too far. To make the programme better, the program could've started on time. People could have reached the venue earlier and made the preparations. The tea snacks could've been better managed. The burgers were cold and unappetizing. It could have ended earlier. My experience was very memorable. It was fun and I enjoyed every minute of it.” Anil Lama Fifth Semester Student at DWIT “DeerUtsav 1.0 itself has been the greatest festival ever for all the DWITians. When I first reached the venue, my first sight went to the stage which was so nicely decorated that made my nervousness grow more for my performances that day and all the lighting made for the performances and audiences were worth a watch. So, there were no faults as such to point on to the program but as a performer, I was so unhappy with myself that I was not able to watch and enjoy all the performances since I had my own performances that day and my mind was mostly occupied by nervousness. But those which I watched were purely amazing. Now all I'm waiting next is DeerUtsav 2.0.” Shreyansh Lodha First Semester Student at DWIT “Well, being the first of its kind it was really well managed. It was probably the most well organized event I had observed conducted by an educational institute. The events were really well managed and all the staff, students and faculty had worked really hard to make it what it was. Also, the event was concluded in the right time so was not difficult for us to get to our homes which was one of the best parts of the event and shows how well things were organized. So, seeing the enthusiasm of the performers and the hard work of the organizers I simply loved the event. As, it was the first of its kind I don’t think it could have been better but as nothing can be perfect there were nominal errors that could be overlooked. To share my experience I was present in a couple of performances: the drama and the cultural fashion show. Both were well appreciated by the audience. To be true all the performances were raising the level of quality the event had. I learned a lot observing the performances made by some great performers which I believe will help me later. Participating in this event encouraged me to take part in every such event that follows it. To conclude this was the best college event I had ever seen." Dipesh Poudel Fifth Semester Student at DWIT “All the performances were mind-blowing; I could see the beautiful talents dwelling in the heart of DWIT. But due the sound systems there were some confusions and problems in the DeerUtsav 1.0. We could have a better sound system. We could have placed a curtain in front of the stage so that things would been much better.” Subigya K. Nepal Third Semester Student at DWIT “The fact that the administration started canceling/shortening the performances a day or two before the event was to take place was disturbing. If it was supposed to be grand, they should have been following through with it, and let students know beforehand that there needs to be a limited or a specific number of performances, you know. Shortening the program at the end does not look professional, even so because of the fact that we students are always told to give prior notices before any event, but the administration chose to overlook that very same thing. I hope it will be handled properly next time onwards. Yes, we could have made the better. As I have already mentioned about the cancellation of performances. We could improve on it. Next, the event started very late (~3.15). I think that was because we were waiting for Rudra Pandey to arrive. I hope the next time, we could manage to start it on time, and early too. If we could have started it early, many more participants would have been able to perform. There were some minor issues with the audio as well. Also, as you guys might have noticed, the music in “The Man Who Sold the World” and “Under the Bridge” were sort of overshadowed by the vocals. We could not hear the lead; the performances were not well-appreciated because of it. So, it would be better if students were allowed to use electric guitar instead of the acoustic ones. Finally, two anchors would have been enough. New faces in the dais every once in a while annoyed me. All in all, it was a great day!” Ankit Karki First Semester Student at DWIT “DeerUtsav 1.0 was great indeed. I had not thought that it would go that well before the fest. It became successful enough to please all of the students, faculties and organizers themselves. Everything was fantastic venue, food and the performances. To be specific, I must say dinner was the best. It was a very warm moment to enjoy the delicious food with all our DWIT family. And I loved the play "One day at Tiger Walk." Salute to the seniors for such an entertaining and courageous effort. But I was disappointed by few small things: No curtains in the stage and Sound System (Mic and sound boxes) were of poor quality. It really was a problem for the musical performers to give their best. No doubt it was a grand success, I must say. Still it would be the best if there was an automatic curtain in the stage and proper sound system. It would've been better, had the program started in the mentioned time, we could have had  smooth performances and some time for rock and roll dance at the end. Also, a cup or two glasses of wine would have given a perfect digestion to the dinner.” - - - - Reporters Involved: Aasha Poudel and Ashmita Thapa